Rapier = %100 Survive

Instead of killing them that is what I consider a win, keeping them away from the fight and not healing their team.

Even then it feels not enough, I’ve been on full glass cannon STR/DEX some INT just to melt healers but they always just heal through it. In the thick of the fight, you’re not 1v1’ing that healer, you’re trying to kill that healer while his/her team is trying to get you off of them. Which is insanely difficult.

oh stop


the new meta is to ignore healers and do the combo on dps

null oblivion perk and scream perk make it too hard to heal
orb does 30% more damage taken so does oblivion to 20%

healers cant heal if you oblivion the sacred ground…

I’ll try that I guess, can’t really kill healers so might as well push their front lines.

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A friend recommended VG/IG as a response to the LS/Rapier build

  1. Why should I change a build that I enjoy? (that’s actually the problem, the game forces us to do things we don’t want to do instead of balancing it)
  2. It would cost me a lot of gold even if I wanted to change Perks,Weapons,Mutations(for625gs). not everyone has that much gold
  3. VG/IG buildi is not actually a counter. you know Why? because first use Scream then Ice shower And start hitting. The first thing the opposing side will do is Riposte (he will gain about 1 second) his 2nd hit will be successful. During his 3rd hit he will be able to use Evade and he will escape with fleche
    Are you going to use ice spike? riposte will do the same. Is the riposte on CD? Block and Evade, Fleche

Are you going to attack with vg? Riposte, Evade, Fleche. Have you escaped Riposte stun? Riposte, Block, Evade, Fleche.

in short, it can’t beat the LS/Rapier build in VG/IG buildi unless the other party is too stupid

SnS + Hatchet = gazelles nightmare

There is ALWAYS a counter to an “OP” build. Always.

When i see one running from my team mates i just shot him, befor i start shooting into the healers from the zerg again. He is dead and 3-5 players more in zerg, cuz they stop chasing.
As you say, there is always a way

Sounds like a rapier player survived a GA/IG combo.

How can this be AGS, FIX IT NOW!!!


lets nerf everything until NOTHING BEING useful to play then quit.

thats ur idea

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Plus, what matters with a range player is that we make it stop doing their job. We don’t need to kill them. Just making them lose time running around is enough to make them pretty much useless.

As a very annoying tank, that’s what I like to do. I check the top OPR players in points, and target them and annoy them. To see them drop in the leaderboard is pure joy for me. :slight_smile:

Those who complain are those who don’t know how to play…

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Stop playing pve builds and you can kill them. A good mage will melt a healer down!

But if you are playing:

100 Points in every Attribute, firestaff and sns or sns and lifestaff or hatchet and sns, you will never kill a good healer.

Its called META. Try to play with your hobby yugioh deck in a tournament against meta decks. You will lose in 1 turn.

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Yea that ain’t the rapier bud, that’s the life staff, the thing that heals. You can kill a rapier if you ain’t a scrub.

As a pretty good healer myself, there is about 2 combo’s that can end me ezpz. I won’t tell you which ones, but yeah. git gud

IG and GAXE? Grav well into Ice Shower?

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