Rapier broke the game



Put in 5min 45 sec.

Rapier is fine

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Meanwhile people like OP think this is perfectly fine… Blunderbuss / Spear ONE SHOT Build | New World PvP Montage 5 (Summer Update) - YouTube Can’t help to wonder why they make these troll posts.

Loll old video before stamina cd,


Not at all, specially not with dex lowering the dodge costs

Still almost the same, but the meta is light armor ^^
Dex user can spam dodge all the time :smiley:

I think fletch might be the only thing out of whack with the rapier.

The rapier, in my opinion, should be a very strong dueling weapon.

That did look like a lot of iframes, but I guess that was an old video with different stamina rules.

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