(rapier) Evades nerf is too harsh, in the PTR. (wanted more exposure)

I believe the change of Breath In (20 stamina on use) perk on the rapier Evade line was too harsh (they changed the acquisition of the stamina to a shirking effect with I frames from evade). I’m assuming you’re doing this to lessen it’s use in escaping. I personally use evade 90% of the time for the stamina over the I frames and I believe the I frames are too small to have a shirking effect be effectively used.

I do understand that it does need a nerf to combat people running so much with it, so how about this: Have the player receive the stamina if they successfully use the Adagio (15% increased damage with 1 second of using evade) perk.

This will encourage more aggressive playstyle with the rapier instead of running with it.

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