Rapier flourish and finish, the finish proc is extremely unreliable/buggy

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    Flourish and finish. The finish part does not proc in several encounters. I have used this ability for a long time now and I’m pretty much just fed up with how many times it just does not proc. Sometimes it seems like the knockback actually hits them back too far and the finish doesn’t even reach them. Other times it looks like character collision causes it not to proc. Like if I’m not directly in the center of their chest with it when I hit them then I slide off of them (in this character collision manner) and it doesn’t proc.

Also, I have seen it where if I flourish and then trigger finish while they are still going back, then that seems buggy and doesn’t seem to hit. However, if I let them get knocked all the way back I have to time it perfectly because they can roll out of it if I wait just the slightest bit too long. I’m not saying that the knockback stun should be longer but if it wasn’t so buggy with using finish while they were being knocked back then this wouldn’t be a problem. Overall this ability has issues and is very inconsistent.

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    Seems very buggy
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    Its not fun when I spend 20 seconds dodging around and landing 3 bleeds, land flourish, and finish just doesn’t proc
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