Rapier & Ice Gauntlet PvP Video (F&F)

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Re-edited the video?

Your Rapier gameplay is very nice. I feel like you could be better with anything besides the IG though.

Made a brand new one, wasnt satisfied with the other one it felt rushed. Got new clips and put this one together

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My main build is Spear/Rapier as you can find on my channel, however the IG Rapier setup is crazy for survivability. The Spike is there only really as an execute, hence the opportunist gem. Ice shower + Entomb with Healing entomb perk along with Refreshing toast earring lets me heal 10k+ In a fight and create a lot of space for my Rapier to deal damage, not to mention the Ice spike stagger to interrupt abilities or create even more space, the rapier has enough damage for the entire build.

My Spear/Rapier setup has a lot more consistent damage but less survivability

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