Rapier is perfectly fine, everything is fine

All the melee players should just switch to dex and play the game the way it is supposed to be. Just a clunky mess of dodge spam, I frames are the worst thing you can add to an action combat game. Dodging means to get out of the range of attack but in this game you can just dodge spam without any care and be invulnerable to all damage even when you are dodging into the attack and not away from it.

Limit the dodge spam , it is killing pvp.


just runaway when you see a mage, don’t even try to be brave or pretend to be skilled lol… you will be 3 shotted with your light gear.

This works even better with medium armor and yes mages need a hard nerf on their damage output as well.

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rapier is biggest crutch in game this is sad, that hatchet player ass though.


They’re OK, they just counter light armor so good

ngl all I saw was just a bunch of baddies running around doing mistakes over mistakes.
Lets go with first - He used riposte. What do you do? Wait till its done? Yes if ur bad. If ur good you AA into it and counter his riposte with your own and considering dude is bad he will get hit with it as he is not even aware how to dodge it.
Second bad is the hatchet player. Lets ignore the headless LMB and pretend he tried. Like I get it you like to use berserking 24/7 but god it got a passive to remove stuns you know wait for it to be used on riposte to sht all over rapier.


That’s a falacy.
I did what you suggest a number of times and gave up on it.
As soon as you trigger his riposte his attacks become uninterruptible, you can’t stun him.
So the riposte into riposte is worse than a charged heavy (well timed).

The fight with the hatchet player serves nothing.
I can grab a hammer, find a bad player and Cc him while I wait.

So you think spamming abilities and left clicks is the way PvP should be played? :rofl: Are you the same as that hatchet guy or what?

Rolling around in circles is such a good mechanic and riposting every time you make a mistake along with fletching out of grav well at will is engaging combat for the rapier user and not fun for anyone else, you know rapier is a crutch and everybody else knows it so faster we get a massive nerf on this broken weapon the better.


Nah you just cant hit anyone with hatchet. Between animation and desync crap it doesn’t hit anything. He may still be ass but hatchet is garbage atm.


Yeah and given that you can’t roll around forever because each roll spends 50 stamina and you only have 100/110 which means the most you can roll unless you’re a dex player is 2 rolls in a row.

Also, Riposte can be countered by dodging the riposte animation once procced. But I guess you don’t have the basic mechanical skills nor the reflexes to be able to do that, even though it absolutely isn’t that hard to do. The only time riposte catches you is if you use an ability that locks you in that animation, whereas light attacks to proc it and then dodge the animation that stuns you works.

Using the video as an example is proof that, because the hatchet player is so mechanically crippled a.k.a your average forum bot that cries about what is op.

The video owner managed to regenerate his stamina by standing still (yet the hatchet player continues to swing at nothing) This is NOT a dodge-roll / rapier issue, this is a player-skill issue.

IF you cannot properly control your character and think you should just left-click your way to victory then you are playing the wrong game.


action based combat without blocks or iframes or some type of defensive maneuver is garbage.


Riposte gives more if hit it then stun immunity making it not worth it to hit or not hit it.

The poster is even bad! If you riposte his riposte your giving yourself sundering for free and wasting your riposte because that will never stun

I don’t say you are wrong with your point of view to the rapier thing.
But what you said about rolling as a dex player isn’t true.
With 150 points in dex your rolls cost only 40 stamina, so you get one dodge for free.
On top of that you’ve got riposte, evade and fleche and can escape with all of them.
So I can understand why other players hate on rapier cause you can’t kill a good rapier player in outpost rush in a 1vs1.
If he misses all rapier skills, he can switch to spear and the pain goes on.

In my opinion the rapier isn’t totally broken, but a light nerf (especially to the escape potential) would be good.


It is weird they hit light armor so hard. It almost feels like a bug sometimes. That’s why I’m hesitant to endorse a fire staff buff. I die in 4 to 5 hits from the fire staff. It wouldn’t be very fun to die in 3 hits, heh. I’m admittedly have very few points into constitution. It would be fine if mages were equally as squishy, but most are pretty tanky.

You missed my point, I am a dex player and I did say “unless you’re a dex player” then you only get 2 consistent rolls, your 3rd roll will still drain your full bar unless you do 2 quick rolls, wait for stam regen and then do another 2 rolls. But even then, you have a window of vulnerability which proves my point that you can “still” be killed if the people going after the rapier player knows how to chain CC.


Never saw three worse players on a video like than this one.
If one of the two enemies had more than 3 brain cells they could’ve killed you in a heartbeat.
Musket is the biggest counter of archers on this game