Rapier Offense Damage Feedback

Rapier as an primary offensive weapon is garbage. Even when you stat for 400+ points in its damage stats, for some reason the damage is just so low in pvp.

Light/heavy attacks have garbage tracking, and are slower than voidblade, straight sword, and who knows what else.

I have no idea why when I use void blade, I can see chunks of peoples health go down but with rapier the tiny pokes are laughable.

This is probably not brought up as much because everyone uses it as an escape stick but I would actually like to use it offensively, and not just to Fleche killsteal a guy with 500 hp left.


I was trying to duel with it today. I tried all of the abilities and a variety of builds, but the damage is too low, especially the blood tree. The blood tree doesn’t seem like it does much of anything. If the rapier had a rend ability, besides sunderinf riposte, it would probably be fine.

It would be fun if the immunity of evade was a bit longer and if you had really good timing you could iframe people to death, but maybe that would be lame to fight against, hah. I don’t know, is that something people can do now? Using evade to iframe incoming attacks. In all of my time playing new world I’ve only seen one person main the rapier, so I don’t know what it is really capable of at the highest level.

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Thanks for the feedback on rapier damage. I will make sure this is recorded and sent up the chain. Take care and have a fantastic weekend!

If they improved the Blood Tree players could choose between its defensive and offensive capabilities.
I don’t think its DPS should be increased at the sake of losing more defensive utility.

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