Rapier was overnerfed - change my mind

I guess it’s Safe to say that the changes to rapier (CD increase) while buffing gravity well by giving it a root was the worst changes to combat this game ever had.
Rapier now is useless unless you’re using full refreshing gear, and as it is the only weapon able to safely counter the roots in this game, everyone is either changing to GA/IG to enter the meta or playing Musket to shoot folks from 200m away.

Even healers who were using Rapier, changed to IG/GA as their secondary.
This change was made because melee players (mostly GA) where whining that they couldn’t kill Rapier users, and as they always get what they want, AGS nerfed Rapier.
It’s already proved that the balance team can’t balance weapons right. When they nerf it, they overnerf, and when they buff they make it too OP.
For example, Evade CD was doubled from 6 seconds to 12 seconds, why anyone thought that increasing anything by 100% in a MMORPG would be a good idea? Imagine nerfing any GA skill by 50%, people would Riot in the forums.
Same happened to IG, root shouldn’t be reduced from 2s to 1s, but 1.5s would be fine. But most people that played with VG were meta chasers and already changed it to GA/IG anyway so nobody is talking about it, just the few ones left.

My idea would be: instead of straight up nerfing GA, just make Rapier slightly better so we have an viable option to counter this boring meta.

Imagine being a fresh new lvl 60 player and entering OPR matches with your 500GS gear.
They can’t do anything to survive.

My suggestion is:

  • decrease Evade cooldown from 12s to 9s (was 6s before nerf)
  • decrease Riposte cooldown from 18s to 15s (was 12s before nerf)
  • buff the right tree so it can be used as an attack weapon and not just a scape stick.

Those changes would make Rapier useful again without being too overpower, and everyone would be happy, including GA users that can keep their root. :slight_smile:


I was previously a rapier user. I ditched it last patch not because the nerfs, I think the nerf was fine. I stopped because it’s broke, with desynch and abilities casting without actually casting it’s neigh impossible to use effectively. You can’t reliably repost when needed you rubber band when fletch fails to cast ect.


If you actually do damage with the rapier the cooldowns are still really short. It seems fine how it is.


Yeah, they’re but let’s keep it real, it’s damage is so underwhelming that nobody uses it as a primary weapon.
There’s also no problem on making it a escape weapon, even more in this root meta. Just give it a slight CD reduction.

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The tricky part about evade is that its really easy to slip into the overpowered category when used right and getting CDR for extra i frames.

It hits hard if you have 150 intel and a lot of dex. The heavy attacks hit as hard as a musket.

It shouldn’t be used as a pure escape weapon, especially for people with no dexterity or intelligence.

doing a tiny amount of damage to regain cool downs to run away does not make it a weapon.

not that the rapier doesn’t have base design issues in this game about massive damage and burst since dodging healing and out right i framing is the name of the game now.

it fundamentally doesn’t work in new world which is why i was hoping for a major rework of the blood tree instead of just nerfing it.

but whatever its not STR so who cares amiright?

yal ever try a full blown tonto flourish finish combo?

at best it does about 5k damage.

compared to almost any other full weapon combo that does in excess of 10k. faster and with cc lock.


Thats why it needed to be nerfed, but 12s it’s too much. 10 or 9s CD is ok.

@Luxendra @Shadow_Fox @BRGF @Willard ser this thread please

I’ve only seen one player use the rapier successfully. He used the VG + rapier, and he would melt people. He doesn’t play much anymore, maybe because of the rapier nerfs, but to claim that the rapier isn’t capable of decent damage is disingenuous. The only people who spec for it correctly are musket players, and most of them use it to escape.

The rapier is still really good in PvE even against thrust resistance mobs.

To clarify, I’m not entirely disagreeing with you. I think the rapier, hatchet, and spear should be significantly stronger than the GA and WH in 1v1 scenarios, like it shouldn’t even be remotely close.

However, I do not think it was good for the rapier to be an easy escape weapon for mages and healers. They can change other things in the rapier kit to make it stronger at fighting, but they shouldn’t reduce the cooldown for evade, riposte, or fletch. The cooldowns are still low enough to use it as a pure escape weapon. They do not need to be lowered anymore.

been playing the rapier since launch as a main weapon.
gave up on it after the nerf.

tried pretty much all the permutations of stats perks and armor.

any amount of damage dealt compared to the amount of effort, kiting (and not to mention a secondary with a proper CC) is not close to enough to make this weapon worth running. not to mention its exceptionally weak against groups (sort of makes sense since its dex) meaning whats the point of it. spear at least can semi function in brawls due to its reach. all the DEX ranged weapons are ranged.

the rapier has no place as a “weapon” in new world.

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i use fs/rapier once in awhile as my off build for fun in opr, and rapier still feels OP in my opinion. you can still use riposte twice within the time a GA user gets a grav well, same with ice shower. riposte reduces your fleche cooldown by 25% per target u hit, etc. maybe you are just used to being basicly immortal, but this weapon still has enough escape options to counter 2 greataxe users if you decide to play like a bot and put yourself in bad situations. people just want to be immortal and play poorly and rely on an op rapier. the cooldowns are still very manageable after the patch. fleche now has the same cooldown as charge and burnout(and its still the best of the 3 because instant activation and goes thru people) so no complaints there. evade is still almost instant if u land light attacks or run keenly jagged(each jagged bleed tick counts as a light attack and reduces evade cd by 30%). riposte needs no explanation, counters every ability in the game, with a cooldown twice as fast as the 2 strongest CC in the game, grav and shower

The rapier is still the most defensive weapon in the game, it doesn’t need its defensive capabilities buffed. So no, these changes are a net negative on the game and would unbalance it more.

Rapier originally had higher cd’s at launch and was overly buffed to be a dodging evasion aoe stun ninja. Im sure that felt fun but having healers switch to it because it offered ridiculous levels of safety wasn’t healthy.

The damage is fine if you go 50 or 0 con.

But this isnt a viable playstyle with literal 1 shots of

Maybe in duels, but this game never needs to be balanced off of duels.

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The only people who hit that hard are GA users and WH users. Everything else is like 1-3k. Maybe the GA just needs its damage reduced by 50%.

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I switched from rapier to IG, it’s just too powerful right now. Ice tomb is a free jail card that clear debuff and last 10x time the reposte, and the wall is a no-sense idiot spell that can stop people for x second with a really dumb cast time, so you can escape freely

Ice tomb is good, but riposte is better in a lot of ways. If someone ice showers you while you’re entombed, you’re pretty much dead. However, if they ice shower you in riposte you can fletch right out of it.

who is that player and what did he run

careful there im just waiting the GA/WH chuds to come in and claim the musket and bows are doing 20k damage and demanding additional nerfs.

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