Rapier weapon balance change (Wishlist)


I feel that Rapier is only used as an escape weapon and seems to have no solid damage potential. Players are only speccing into Rapier as a secondary for its ability to run away in fights, and ultimately it’s disappointing for such an iconic and badass weapon. Please consider these changes…



  • Tondo now caps at 2 stacks @ 15% weapon damage per second
  • Tondo now lunges forward
  • Thirst For Blood now causes lifesteal of x% of the bleed damage, capped at 2 targets maximum
  • And Again now refreshes the cooldown of Tondo on a successful strike. This cannot occur more than once per 9 seconds.
  • Proper Spacing is now Eviscerate. Every stack of Tondo bleed increases the base damage of Tondo by x%.

Flourish and Finish

  • Cooldown reduced to 15 seconds
  • No longer consumes Tondo
  • Flourish roots target in place for 1 seond
  • Bloody End now deals more damage based on targets health


  • Finalise swapped with To The Bone, and now staggers on the FIRST strike in the sequence instead of the LAST

Grace Tree

  • Desperation now deals more damage if your health is below 40%
  • Perfectionist is renamed Agility. Dodging increases your next strike by 10%
  • Swiftness now increases haste by 15% when you dodge instead of 3% every Rapier strike. This cannot occur more than every 10 seconds


  • Is now Swiftstep. Step immediately behind a target within 10m and swipe in a fan shape hitting targets in front of you, dealing 145% weapon damage
  • Interruption is now Surprise Attack. If you have not received or dealt damage in the last 5 seconds, this ability will hit x% harder


  • Dexterity now scales 1.2 damage per point with Rapier, up from 1.13
  • Dodging grants 15% armour penetration for 3 seconds instead of guaranteed critical hit

Reason for these changes:

Tondo stacking up to 3 in solo PvE is arduous and not a fun mechanic. The attack animation rooting you in place as well goes against the concept of Rapier being a high mobility, duelist weapon. Proper spacing is just improbable to land the 1 m range in PvP with variables such as rubber banding and latency, and just boosting subsequent with Eviscerate strikes makes more sense in both PvE and PvP.

Flourish and Finish consuming Tondo just isn’t fun. Not only is it a pain to stack the 3 Tondo’s together, to have them all wiped off for mediocre damage is frustrating. Secondly, it is the only skill in the game with a requirement to have another skill to actually be useful. This makes it not very versatile when trying to mix and match other talents. Bloody End compared to Momentum is seriously lacking for damage output. Changing it based on enemy health % can act as an execute mechanic which works synonomosly with the Finish semantic.

Flurry’s Finalise staggering on the last hit means that players can easily dodge the full extent of this ability. Staggering on the first hit means you at can at least secure a few hits in.

With Fleche being removed and replaced by a charge type ability that sets the player in an offensive position to attack, we can see more diverse use of this weapon to outplay opponents on the battlefield rather than just an escape mechanic.


I like this. Make it a Dex change, not a rapier change

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New World just needs to decide if it wasn’t Rock Paper or Scissor builds or if they want Rock-Scissor builds and Paper.

Rapier has great defensive mechanics, but poor offensive ones.

Strength strong against Dex, Dex strong against intel, Intel strong against focus.

Focus and Dex strong against Constitution, Constitution strong against strength and Intel.

Yes it would be a universal change, but benefits Rapier

And bow, and musket, and spear, and yes.

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I don’t believe in Rock/Scissors/Paper combat as it just makes in blaringly one sided for any small scale skirmishes and leads to ‘what’s the point’ mentality.

I do think however that each weapon needs strengths and weaknesses and it’s about striking that balance effectively.

Every match up needs to be treated like a chess game where anyone can beat anyone, it just depends on skill ( knowledge of your ability capabilities, environment / positional awareness, foresight of opponents next moves ) to outplay and bait their attacks and use your own.


Easy get rid of the attributes allocation system and implement a straight weapon level system. Everyone has the same health pool,armor has levels as well that can dictate mobility and armor strength.
And good luck

I’m thinking the armour perks need a bit of a change up too. The best way to confront this? I am not sure. You either go Light for higher mobility and damage, or Heavy for higher CC and survivability. Medium is just this awkward piggy in the middle that has something from each, but doesn’t excel at anything.

Originally it was light for back line,medium for mid range,and heavy for front line.

The way things are right now,there are very few mid-range players beyond mages that run mostly light gear.

Dex builds are busted,split stat builds are busted. Straight str and intel builds are the only stat builds that are good.

Weapons need reworks,armor values need to be readjusted.
The list goes on.

Just play and try to have fun,while the devs try to fix everything.

Btw I was just joking around when I posted the get rid of attribute system.

But it does sound kinda good,doesn’t it?

:joy: However long that will take… But they won’t make changes unless people give feedback and suggestions. Afteralll, you have thousands of players with thousands of hours to give their opinions on views (Some good, some bad), compared to a few dev’s pressed for time trying to accommodate a larger scope of content.

The more systems in the game, the more complicated it becomes to balance. In WoW I always wanted the ability to spec into certain attributes more than others which is why I liked reforging. Changing one stat into Crit % felt like I had more power and control over my characters overall design.

The problem with New World is i think people are just dumping all their points into one attribute stat.

I made a suggetion on that here: Str/Dex/Int/Foc/Con

So you are proposing to buff weapon and nerf nothing? Rapier is already broken because of to many escape tools. As long as it does have so many “out of jail” cards it cant be buffed as mele weapon.

These buffs are targeted at the Blood tree which is very much lacking at the moment in any Damage output or utility.

Your problem with Rapier, Fleche specifically, has been addressed. The change to Fleche > Swiftstep removes the…

…to make it more of an offensive type ability that will not be considered as a secondary escape weapon.

Rapier is supposedly a duelist weapon, it’s entire purpose is its strength in maneuverability in combat. In it’s current iteration, it is literally just a secondary weapon used for Riposte and Fleche. The stun it offers is dependent on enemies attacking the player (which btw has very loud and visually obvious indicator) to trigger the animation which can be dodged.

As a standalone weapon, it does not hold up at all.


This isn’t RuneScape, that’s not how it works

A wise move

Doesn’t need a nerf.

If you buff the weak moves from the blood tree to a point where they are viable then people are going to break the normal riposte evade flèche combo and pick up a damage move and now the rapier isn’t just loaded with 3 abilities to get you out of trouble

Works very well but doesn’t solve the issue of life staffs using it as a get out of jail free card


Which is why i think the only thing you can do is rework the ability.

Once you change it from free direction movement to a “shadowstep” type move, it forces re engagement with the target placing it in the perfect position for a Rapier player to attack rather than create distance to weapon swap.

Riposte by itself is not as effective to create distance due to its requirement to be struck first, and you may as well pick up other more suitable weapons to stunlock instead such as WH or Spear. Even SnS and GA have better on demand options to lock somebody in place.

Rapier has no hit box. Try hitting someone in pvp with it. It looks like it is hitting but it is not.