Rapier/healer nerf

Honestly with the nerf this patch with the rapier it has made being a healer that much more unenjoyable. You get gravewelled twice and you are done. Which has been buffed 17 times, as if it needed a buff. This game is starting to feel like it’s more and more anti healer. You have a classed dedicated to anti-heal, you got plagued crits and strikes, and now you are a sitting duck in team fights. Solo queued in OPR today and it’s actually insane how much of a game killer this is for me. This game already had enough wrong with it. Honestly think this might be the last nail in the coffin.

It’s not anit-healer, it is pro-Great Axe.

Has been from the beginning.


i didnt logged since they made myself a dummie nerfing blackguard firestaff after 2 months of testing… now destroying rapier im sure quit was a RIGHT decision

AGS u guys need help, u guys clearly are not able to balance pvp alone.

i just gave up

If you’re dying a lot to grav wells, you’re out of position or not using your abilities/dodges correctly.

Keep in mind, grav well is overpowered right now to a bug where you will take anywhere between 6k - 12k dmg in 1 second. I’d suggest waiting until after the bug is fixed before making any rash decisions.

Also what armour weight are you? Its significantly easier to survive as a Light armor healer (with a hearty ring) due to your increased mobility.
Also making sure you have refreshing or refreshing evasion to get your rapier CDs back faster.

Another is to get a refreshing toast / healthy toast earring. This gives you decreased potion cooldowns + you will get healed by mana pots

OPR is a nightmare right now

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