Rapier's Evade ability is now broken

Hi all!

— short version —
Evade ability is broken since last day. Camera no longer rotate with evade and became unresponsive.

— long version —
I’m using a rapier since a couple of weeks.
Really cool! Fast and frenetic combat style, I like it!

Evade ability, if while facing a nearby opponent and using it while going sideway, used to make your character turn around the enemy, making also the camera turn, so you can be ready to quickly continue the combat from another place and direction (on the side/back of the enemy).

Now, since the last day (or 2) it is broken!
The character do the usual movement but the camera is “detached” from the character and become wobbly-like, camera movements are delayed, there is no longer an 1 to 1 correspondence from mouse to camera rotation.
After some second and/or using some attack or ability this bug stops and the camera is ok once again.
But currently Evade ability is like 1/4 useful of one week ago!

Can anybody replicate this?
Please report it here somebody so this thread is seen by moderator and the information might be sent to developers. …thin hope :frowning:

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