Re: Planned List of Worlds Scheduled for Merge. Incomplete?

So there was this announcement that alot of worlds are gonna be merged, and were all thrilled by the thought but i looked trough the list and i noticed something interesting for the world and worldset im playing on: My world is missing.


Vanaheim Firma has 7 worlds, and this post tells us 5 of those will be merged into 1. Leaving 1 out. Our highest playercount this past 7 days was 324, and thats not even the highest in the world set. So it would be great if were included in this merge.
@Luxendra Did you just forget to add us in the list with the rest, or is Barri not planned for merging together with the rest? The few of us still playing would appreciate clarification :wink:

Thanks in advance.

Would be nice to know this also, was expecting 7 servers to merge. Coming from Kantia it would be nice to actually know what type of Peak we will be looking at after the merges are complete

No, those 5 small world will be merged into second biggest of those 2 left in your set, not confirmed but that’s what appears to be obvious for me.

Except Murias is the biggest. Its close, but since we had 3 companys leave a week ago, Murias beats us for players in peak hours.

It has been confirmed by a mod in one of the German threads that your server is not being merged if it is not named on the list. From reading through the forums, it seems that they are leaving the server with the highest pop from each world set alone and merging everyone else. I am also in a server not being merged and it is quite disappointing, especially as there is no official news to let us know what is happening with our server.

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and for me master server is not on list too - there is some worldsets that got only 2 server and and @list is only one

How is that obvious though?

This is a good point, perhaps there is still some hope that non-listed servers will be the host for these merges.

Acrus for Vanaheim Nox. <<< only acrus and acamar

Baltica for Vanaheim Sterren. << only baltica and betelgeuse

Caph for Vanaheim Soleil. << caph and caelum

so for me - list that they post - are only servers that loose they maps

We’ve got the same problem in the Theta world set, Yaxche has very small population now and isn’t in the list of other smaller servers being merged, nor is it being merged with the only sizable server Themiscyra.

What gives devs?

That’s categorically false for the Theta worldset. Themiscrya is by far the biggest there, and Yaxche draws like 100-200 at peak but isn’t on the list at all. @Luxendra can you please clarify? We’re barely hanging on by a thread on our server and have been waiting for mergers to be able to play again, we have people that transferred here that can’t leave, so they’d be stuck in limbo.

@Kay @Luxendra @TrevzorFTW I really apologize to tag you. In the yesterday post (Planned List of Worlds Scheduled for Merge - Downtime) there was an incomplete list of server merges, where Baltica appeared in. Baltica (IT/EN) server would have been merged with Betelgeuse, because they have the same seed and they are the only 2 servers of the seed. In the post updated today ([Notice] Server Merge: US-East, US-West, Australia, Central Europe) with the complete server list, Baltica disappeared, but is appeared Mardi/Brittia (IT/EN) merge (which has been already done). Is that an issue or with the European Servers full merge we are not included? :frowning:

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