Re-Spawn timers for normal mobs NEED a rework

I’ve been trying to complete “Redefining Boundaries” in The Great Cleave which is a SIDE QUEST. The mobs surrounding this quest respawn in at least 10 seconds. This makes trying to solo this quest basically impossible because I’m aggroing mobs from over 15 meters away somehow. I’m level 46 and they’re all level 44.

FIX THE MOB SPAWNING. This is ridiculous.


I 100% agree. I was loving the leveling experience, until about 42 when i went to Restless Shore. The respawn rate was PUNISHING throughout the entire zone. You kill 3 mobs, by the time the 3rd dies, the first is back up. I moved north a zone and same difference. I’m dps specced and kill pretty fast, but they have to tune down the respawn timer of mobs by at least 3x its current rate. I love the game, and have high hopes for it, but this makes the leveling experience absolutely suck (unless you just want to farm portals all day, which is boring and doesn’t allow the devs to showcase the world they built)

I’m not as high level as you guys, but I’ve definitely experienced a bit of this. It’s even worse because the level listed on the quests only matches the mob levels about half the time. And, somehow you find yourself, as a level 16, doing a level 16 quest, that is smackdab in the middle of an area filled with Elite level 24 mobs. (Yes, there is a quest like this.)

I’m now level 34, but I was getting so annoyed by the respawn rates in the 25 - 35 zones, that I just stopped questing in my own zone level, and went back to do a bunch of side quests in all the level 1 - 25 zones. By the time I’m done, I should easily be able to take on the rapidly respawning level 34’s.

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