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Hello @Lane,

I appreciate the very articulate post by you about the mini-map. However, I wanted to point out that the compass is not fine, at all. It breaks very regularly and requires a complete relog to fix which is why so many turned to the minimap to begin with.

Relogging to fix it is not a viable solution in high-pop servers as this results in 4-9 hours of queues. Therefore you’re stuck with a very broken compass.

Would it be possible to see a future update about how you’re going to fix this and also other issues with the compass such as not tracking iron until you’re directly on top of it?

There have been 10-15 bug reports about the compass and Luxendra told me you guys are “aware of the issue” but nearly 2 months have gone by without it being fixed.

Several things seem to break it such as:

  • joining a group.
  • being online for too long.
  • joining an OPR group.

For many people it didn’t even work at all in the first few weeks.


In addition to fixing bugs and making the range of tracking consistent for all resources, I would add that I’d like the ability to toggle what it tracks and doesn’t track. Could be as easy as adding check boxes on the tradeskill UI. I’d also like the ability to hide quests and what not as well without having to unpin them all individually.

Wouldn’t hurt to be able to move it also, especially given that the blog specifically says things like:

I’m not sure why they think that is a problem for a mini-map but not the compass when you have to frequently look up at the top of your screen to see it. Also, it’s only showing things in one direction, so you have to look at it even more frequently than you would a mini-map.

If we could move it down towards the center, possibly only out of combat, that would help not having to stare at the top of your screen to get value from it. Basically add a HUD mode for the compass.


This is very true, the compass usually stops working so far as resource tracking ten to twenty minutes into playing, after an hour or two even quest tracking and map note tracking can stop functioning all together.

If this has not been noticed by the devs, despite the posts about it since day one then I can only imagine that they are not play testing the game themselves.

Yup the compass is terrible. Doesn’t show majority of resources until you are right on top of them, does not allow you to choose which of your available markers will actually show up (just because I can see rabbit on the compass does not mean I want to ALWAYS see rabbits on the compass cluttering it up and preventing me from seeing what I need to see). Using the same colours for different markers is also annoying and often confusing.

Also immersion breaking? Oh please, wanna talk about immersion breaking how about having to keep stopping to open a main map and figure stuff out rather than using an overlay or minimap.

And yes, it breaks constantly so that suddenly it shows nothing at all. Has this even made the known issues list? Its so long now its hard to read through everything…might help if you moved things that should now be fixed to a different section.

While we are at it how about letting us move the party list so healers can actually pay more attention to the playing field too…with modern sizes of monitors the 30 year old standard of party list in top left corner without the modern solution of being able to move it is very short sighted.

I wish we could filter compass so it showed us only what we look for. I do not need to see berries, herbs, rabbits, turkeys, wolves when I am looking for nuts…
Also some things like hemp or WYRDWOOD is visible from distance and I do not need to track it on compass.

I also wish in-game map tracked the location of resources we can track and we have visited (like the external map) with the same filtering. The other day I was looking for broccoli and barley and external site helps a lot.

Also on slightly related note, the game does not tell you at all that fish, spices and food drops from provision containers are regional. Had to learn that from external guides. Would be great if game could pass this information to players via map or regional information or something.

Agreed 100%
Compass should be a high priority fix. Not having a minimap is aggravating to many of my friends, and were the compass to work flawlessly, I would continue to support no minimap.
On the other hand, if the minimap exists and works like the compass… well… moot point.
Compass is an important tool of our exploration and tracking on it is something we worked hard to achieve and get. It needs to be rock solid!

I agree with this. Our server is now low-pop but it hasn’t always been this way - we had lots of players for 3 weeks of non-stop queues. I didn’t have the luxury of relogging every time the map decided to break.

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