Read this if you wanna save this game economy

selling shards. yeah. i see bunch of same names over and over again every hour

they would chat in all categories. global/recruitment/trade/
WTB m10 orb > LFM M10 1K per slot > WTS 4-6K shards

imagine how sus it is, playing almost all day just to sell shards over and over again
that’s so friggin obvious they just want the coins to sell

i reported them just to make sure the moderation team can have a look at their wealth history
seriously, this needs to stop. coins become more and more invaluable cuz of coin sellers farm them probably millions every week. how to stop inflation if they still living a good life especially after they realize they can sell shards

holy moly

Selling shards is nothing more than selling M10 carries. Selling carries is just about as old as MMOs which carry-able content (dungeons and raids). You may not like it, but it’s certainly not against the rules and based on the quoted prices I’ve seen (15k per M10 final boss kill) it’s not making them millions.

Consider that they would have to sell 1,000 M10 final boss carries to make 1.5m gold. At 5 minutes per final boss kill that’s over 80 hours of game time. Also, selling carries isn’t against CoC.

I think he is pointing to the gold hoarding that is nowhere to be used other than, maybe, cashing it later?
It’s the fastest/easiest way IMO, you don’t even need to own a territory, just do this all day long.

Or at least, I think he meant that.

im pointing out the suspiciousness of these shards seller that just do this all day for hours straight til everyone in the server know and remember their name that just do
wtb m10 orb
wts m10 slot
wts m10 shards
dont you play other things beside getting coins?

YES! you got my point

all day long selling shards but never seen them in wars or opr so obviusly they never spent their money to buy stuffs/craft

SO WHERE ALL THE MONEY GOES? hmm well that’s what i want from moderation team to find out

At the end game, once you’re routinely clearing M10s it means you’ve beaten all the PvE content - all of it - so unless you’re a PvP-heavy player this is a reasonable use of time. They keep running expeditions they’re good at, they hone their skills, and they make some coin at the same time.

It’s not even close to the fastest way - like I showed above; to make 1.5 million gold 5 players have to spend 80+ hours doing this. Then split that gold 5 ways. So:

80 hours to make 300k

Anyone remotely serious about playing the trading post, crafting top end gear, or chain-running mutations and selling the BoE drops from them is making money faster.

It’s an end-game activity for members of the 625 club. And with a 608 overall gear score it’s not a club I’m a member of. :slight_smile:

That quite a leap tbh.

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but im asking you is it normal to do same sh*t for hours straight like this? it’s not brah

and surely they won’t craft anything bis cuz it’s too risky to lose their money that they need to sell

i have 300k+ shards all 625 gears for each dungeon and 625 gears for pvp too

i might try to sell shards 1 or 2 times. but 10times for hours straight? nah nah

wtb m10 orb
wts m10 slots
wts m10 shards

all day long. ok not sus

Wts BiS gear. All day. Sus???

Like foreal. Where is the line crossed between wanting to make money for legit in game stuff and selling it for real money? You literally cannot know.

I understand that it does happen but like…you can’t just be assuming it lol.

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Who cares if it’s normal? It’s not normal for people to have 3,000 hours played in a game that’s not even a year old yet either - but there are people who have.

This, of course.

you think on this game easy to craft bis? lmao even in a day you craft 100. you prolly gonna end up getting just a few. or even nothing which is that spent money wont go back to you mate.

but by selling shards? nah nah no fkin risk at all. the only risk is getting bronze which is 4k shards and still can sell it right?

very effective and efficient way to get coins to sell

No but I’ve seen dropped BiS gear sell for gold cap.

One good piece can be a huge come up

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but then, that’s not my problem if they dont spam selling shards just to get money to sell hour straight all day long

and also. if they actually spent their money to get gears? gears for what? they never been in to wars/oprs i know that since im daily pvper.

where all the money goes? that’s why im asking the moderation team to lookout

you’ve seen bis gears right? ok but they’re not spamming every hour selling bis? ok. ok.

  • It’s confirmed not against CoC
  • It’s not a fast (80+ hours to make 300k) way to make gold
  • It’s no more abnormal for people to grind M10s than to grind any other activity in game
  • There’s no link, other than idle speculation, between this and RMT

I don’t think there’s much point in my continuing in this conversation. :slight_smile:

abandon thread

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Well yeah. Who has BiS gear to sell all day. On the other hand, people have orbs for days, me included. It would be so weird if I decided to sell those for gold and some weirdo decides that I’m doing that to trade it for IRL money because…???

Oh, one final note here: When I see an M10 final boss carry offer hit Ygg from members of our 625 Club, I’ll be buying one…because 15k for the boss kill and 6k shards is a good use of my gold. :wink:

loki laugh

This is the part that bothers me, not the others. Because what these people do is reaching the last boss, then taking the buyer to the group at the last moment, selling them the shards. Its literally what P2W is in the game’s own world and it creates bad players with high GS… Players who will eventually be called “noob” or worse things, while wasting other people’s times and efforts. at this point, maybe they should enforce the Recommended GS into Required GS to prevent this. if you dont have the minimum GS, you shouldnt be able to do them.

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