Reagents for Refining need to be craftable

Title says it all, your current crafting design creates constant bottlenecks on progression simply due to running out of basic refining reagents all the time.

You can’t do any serious crafting progression without these reagents… EVERYTHING at some point starts with a raw mat that has to be refined in bulk.

This creates an obnoxious loop of HAVING to go out and run PvE content for hours to loot enough chests to get 1k paper to make any serious dent in progression to 200.

Basic changes that need to be made to improve quality of life for people who focus on crafting and PvE.

  1. All Refining Reagents should have a recipe that can me crafted ONLY with looted items from the world example:

Sand Paper x10: 1 Flint 1 Hide 1 Sap

Also these items should drop from ALL humanoid mobs in the game as well… if they are stuffing this stuff in the chests they are guarding, then they should drop all refining materials as loot as well.

As you get higher in the trade, you can unlock better recipes.

Your current design expects me to go run open world locations to simply MASS loot chests to get crafting reagents… this by design is a super boring grind fest that is not what Trade Skill players want to do. We want to be able to focus on the tasks we set before us, not be forced to go do 3 other tasks we have no interest in doing every day simply to support what WE DO want to do each day.

Your current design makes leveling crafting feel like a freaking second job… this is NOT how you keep players around. Stop forcing EVERYTHING into the marketplace that is so broken and inflated atm that being a crafter means you better be ready to dump 150k into a trade to get it to 200 anytime soon.


Yes trying to get crafting leveled up is hard now with the refining reagents running out to quickly and we dont get enough refining reagents to level our skills. So my point is we need a refining reagents buff because the drop was nerfed in to the ground.

If they want to buff the drop by x2 or even x2.5 it would be a huge step in the right direction…

It feels so lame having all the materials I need to make tons of things, but because I dont have 10k sandpaper those materials will just sit in my inventory tell the next day when we run watermarks for 3 hours across the world… and even then after looting EVERY CHEST in Sirens, Pools, Mines, Myrk… you maybe come back with 1k if you are lucky.

and 1k even of blue sandpaper isn’t enough to do more then a couple levels…

I’m ok with how effective the reagents are, im not OK with how much of a pain it is to get them, and that we can’t just craft them from raw materials we find in the world.