Real 1.1 patch notes

Let me express myself by writing the real patch notes for everyone.

From AGS:

Everyone, we know there have been some issues. We have had a lot of expolits from boss spawns, turbo hatchets, and 1 hit wonders to machine gun staves, excess drop rates, and even straight out dupes. We have caught some of the dupers and banned 1 of their many accounts each in an effort to make a show, but we know this has left us all with a bit of a problem. We let those who bought duped stuff cheap keep it, and those who exploited systems were allowed to keep their loot and watermark. On top of that, because of how the taxes were, a few companies made millions while other starved. This has all combined to create a have and have not stratification on the servers. We want to address this.

If you didn’t dupe, exploit, or strong arm people with taxes you probably don’t have your watermark capped and don’t have 200 in all your trade skills. Well, that’s perfect. We are going to make it harder to get your watermark up or grind your trade skills now. SUCKERS!

Yall plebs need to learn your place. You should have exploited. You should have bought duped items off the AH for pennies on the dollar. Too late now.

Listen, we don’t give a flying scrap of monkey poo about you regular players. We don’t actually care about any of yall, so we are going to make everything harder now that the exploiters have climbed the ladder.

Deal with it, or don’t, honestly we don’t care if 80% of the players have already left. Ah F it, lets make wars laggy again too just for good measure.



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