Real Data Popular Farm Location (Gold + Azoth)

Decided to go to Top Farm Location for Weapon XP Azoth etc…

Results as follows with SS for 10 Mass Pulls:

Before the Pulls Location: Restless Shores

Full Luck Gear and Fully repaired to start and gold balance:

After 10 Mass Pulls and Clears with AOE Ice/Fire (30-40 Minutes depending on how fast you do it):

Repair Cost for these Pulls:

Data once all repaired and Salvage of Items:
Gold Earned before Salvage: 59.6
Savlave : 22.62
Total Gold = 82.22
Net Gold 10 Runs: 16.3

16Gold for all the runs is just not balanced… Considering the Tax and Cost of everything it takes just to play the game at end game… Also for those who wish not to craft and enjoy mob grinding etc… You can’t sustain with this data.

I will note that Azoth can be obtained this way and not so boring would give Azoth a B for doing this.

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This is hilarious and tragic at the same time. It just shows how incredibly unbalanced the economy in this game is. The earn:spend ratio is completely broken, so is the supply:demand in the marketplace. I have no idea how the in game economies will ever recover from this.

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you posted the same pic twice, btw

Thanks deleted the word document I was using so used the 4th pic as 3rd pic showing gold at bottom now after.


If instead of repairing gear, you switch out for the drops and salvage your breaking down pieces, to cycle through, you can increase your net profit.

The question is into this, how much of this is intentional by design. The game provides us with a crap ton of loot. Most of it is irrelevant, actually owning a best in slot piece, is very unlikely. Personally, I don’t really see any reason to repair much. And for the occasional repair I do, there are repair kits.

Luck Gear for Drops and Azoth Vial Drops: You should never Farm without being in Luck Gear

You’re leaving out the Gold you make from salvaging the items.
The game isn’t designed around making money SOULY from dropped gold. There is an assumption that you’re going to Salvage and Offload items/Mats to market as well.

Edit: Some how missed a section on Salvaged items.

Read the End of my post and then come back and Fix your reply pls. Don’t want to call you out. But you got to read the post before you post a reply that makes you look bad.

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Sort of depends what you’re after really if you ask me. If just purely farming for a net gold increase, well, the luck/azoth gear is not really doing you much good, now is it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure, you can wait for a rebalance. But it’s uncertain when and to what extent this will happen. Especially since without it, it is possible to actually gain a net profit if you stop approaching it like the more traditional MMO and start regarding your gear as disposable. At least in terms of gold generation. Luck gear is only nice for the player to player sales.

In the meantime, there are definitely ways to prevent yourself from going bankrupt if you want to.

There’s a post showing how RMT make their coin – they make an account, do the starter quest chain to get 400 gold, transfer that gold to their main character, then delete the character and do it again.

If you’re willing to buy another account that would be easier.
But, uh, don’t use a bot.

Right oh somehow missed that he had data on salvage. Rest applies of course.

OMG never though of doing this… I actually might do this over and over again… @ModeratorZ or who ever is a Mod…

Is this considered exploiting? I want to do this.

Azoth vials are 150-250g a piece.

It’s clearly an exploit

Yep never got one though in the 10 Runs sadly :frowning: even in full luck set

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