Real dungeon finder

Can we have a cross server dungeon finder, without having to search the map for dungeons.
This is a perfect change that all players want, but im sure some will say they dont without giving a valid reason :slight_smile:


I recently came back to the game after a three-month hiatus. The expedition finder on Orofena is empty for the most part, especially for Barnacles, or Ennead. Even recruit chat is devoid of players for those 2 expeditions. I am not sure what the point would be. People are not playing. I also have noticed after farming and crafting cunning grasping vines, the leeching is only triggered once in a blue moon(it’s actually not working at all most of the time). There are still Mobs in the open world whose damage and health is completely out of line with the rest of the game. Bad math still abounds at every turn, especially in crafting.

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