Real feedback about the musket and some ideas I got to improve its state

I’m going to take advantage of the long maintenance and make a very long feedback post about the musket.

I did a similar post during closed beta. I played with the musket 170h at closed beta and now its my 3rd more leveled weapon, I changed to full mage this time because the musket underperformed then and is underperforming now.

I see a lot of posts complaining about the musket, thats it, only complaining, giving 0 ideas. Its obvious the musket is in a weak spot so Im gonna try to give some objective feedback to the devs and the community from a player that has over 250h played in total with a musket.

First and most important, some bugs need to be fixed asap. Every musket user knows which are, not hitting your target when its in your face, double shot animation, some reloads not happening etc. This is the first thing that needs to be adressed before making any changes.

Also it would help if you devs make the reticle of musket and bow less big or make us to change it like Valorant or CSGO…or even better, change the aiming to first person with iron sights then add craftable scopes for the musket, each tier increasing the zoom for example.

Keep in mind that these changes are not to be taken at the same time, with only one of the next changes It would make the weapon much much better.

Now lets start with the first tree, the sharpshooter and try to understand a bit how its perks work.

-Powder burn: Overloaded shot, meaning you cant move while reloading it. Its the best ability the musket has atm by a large margin. 110% weapon damage + a dot effect doing 20% weapon damage every seconds over 9. It also has very good passives if you invest your points, the first upgrade is mandatory (12% more damage if target is burned). Second perk can be very good combining it with the intelligence build or if you are good at aiming.

I wouldnt change anything here, its the best ability the musket has and also the best dot at st. You want to engage a combat with this ability then continue to shot during the burn time to get that 12% more damage. I dont like the overloaded mechanic but if powder burn didn’t have this drawback it will be op.

-Power shot: a 150% more damage shot sounds good in theory but this ability in practice doesnt make any sense.
Just other overloaded shot, fine, the problem is its passive perks. The best perk force you to make power shot your first shot instead of powder burn which is stupid.

You always want to engage with the burn, if you engage with this one, the enemy just will pot and negate your big damage. Thats why you engage with powder burn, if the enemy drink a pot, the burning keep doing damage, it also overdamages the food effect.

Taking powder burn and power shot both is counterproductive because they have the same function.

I would rework this ability and instead of an engagement shot I would convert it to an “execution” shot. More or less like the GA execute but with far less % damage because it would be broken that way, 300% damage with musket would be nuts.

If this idea is not good its fine, but right now this ability doesnt make sense at all.

-Shooter stance: this ability is very niche, but I like it. It can be the best or the worst at the same time. I would change it so you can move a little bit instead of standing completely stationary.

Regardless of what I wrote, its not bad and I like its design. I wouldnt make more changes.

-Passive perks: “called shot” is very weak, only 5% damage increase need you to wait 3 seconds before the shot. “Critical reload” is good but very hard at long distances.
“Empowering headshot” is mandatory, “greater accuracy” is stupid because if you have an enemy close you should switch your weapon.
“Ballistic advantage” is mandatory combining it with “hit your mark”, “called shot resuply” is a must, and “heightened precision” is very weak, damage increase is very weak.

The ultimate “sniper” is good but not that good. Only 15% damage increase to headshots, sounds good but believe me the zoom is better (if only the reticle wasnt SO BIG). I would make a change at this ability or in general for the musket.
I saw a guy in other post saying 130% damage for hs is very little with this perk is 145%, he said it would be good to be 200% making the musket more rewarding if you land your hs and im with that guy.

Other change if you want to lower the skill ceiling will be to give the same 15% bonus damage to every shot, but right now feels a bit weak, the zoom is the best perk it has.

Now the trapper build.

This tree is definitely the weakest one, it used to be better during alpha having double sticky bombs for example.

-Traps: not a really bad ability… if your enemy is blind. Even some mobs can avoid the trap. It has an interesting perks tho (very good healing with “scent of blood”) but the last one “double trap” need to have separated charges with the cd triggering launching the FIRST one (rn the cd doesnt return till you lauch the second one).

First change I would make: they only trap a player for 3 seconds, and the other player needs to be really really silly to land inside the trap. Change the timer to 5-6 seconds, so its hard to get inside one but when you do you are punished hard. The rend perk should also last longer (5-6 seconds).

Traps need more work on but its the best ability in this tree.

-Stopping power: One more “overloaded” shot. 3/6 abilities of the musket are overloaded shots, that is a major problem but lets see. 120% weapon damage, staggers and knocks back 3m the enemy. Sounds good and in fact is not bad when you are leveling the weapon.

2 major problems: 1. Once you get the perk “crippling powder burn” you can slow with powder burn, making this ability completely useless. 2. You need to invest in all the perks it has to make it only a bit better. But even by doing that you are wasting points.

Either remove completely this ability because having 3/6 “overload” shots make this weapon less interesting or rework it completely, or make it not an overload shot. Even the sticky bomb is better rn.

-Sticky bomb: speaking of sticky bomb. This ability is not as good as it used to be, but is not as bad as ppl think. It doesnt make any sense tho but at least is not another “overload”.

It has 2 big major problems: 1. You need absolutely to take another ability to make it viable (traps). 2. If timed correctly you can dodge the explosion even if the bomb is sticked to you, which is probably a gameplay error, im sure the devs dont want it to be like this.

The first perk sucks, the last one is good but I wont invest points on perks for sticky bomb.

Either remove the ability or rework it, im more of the side of a rework in this case.

-Passive perks: “salt on the wounds” its good, but it can be better, maybe a 15-20 % would be a better choice instead of only 10. Or instead of activating if the enemy has less than 30% hp, make it so it does by less than 50%.

“Back it up” is useless, at that distance if you dont switch weapon you are probably going to die.

“Weakened defense” mandatory, more damage to the stamina of shield users and 10% armor pen, maybe a 20% would be better because rn vs a heavy armor player is like shooting plastic bbs.

“Empowering weakness” used to be better, rn I dont pick it, nearly useless, very weak bonuses.

“Hustle” 10% permanently haste if you dodge and use the draw animation cancel. Mandatory to make travel more fast and reposition quickly.

“Energy burst” remove this perk, really, its useless and stupid, nobody takes this one for a good reason. You need a debuf target and to hit it for only getting 5 stamina? What a joke xD.

“Tactical reload” best passive perk in the game, every 6 seconds you reload your musket free, is strong and is mandatory.

“Kick em when theyre down” if you have a crippling powder burn slow perk invest the point, if you are in war invest the point. Is good but not perfect.

Ultimate “lethal combo”. The damage bonus is better than the sniper one but you need cc FROM THE TRAPPER TREE. That means if you dont take traps or stopping power this ultimate is useless. Remember that the ideal scenario in endgame is to have “crippling powder burn” to dot and slow at the same time. Since this is not a “trapper” cc you dont get the bonus damage.

As you can see the trapper tree feels the worst one, that doesnt mean the sniper one is strong but more work is needed here.

Those are my honest opinions about the musket, please make sure to give more feedback through comments to make sure the devs check it.

Also sorry if I wrote something wrong, english is not my native language.


Okay I’m going to add my views to this but it’s long and it’s going to take a hot minute. In the meantime I wanted to say that this is easily the most constructive post I have seen on this forum to date and I applaud you for it. Great work. Edits incoming.

Honestly I’m of the opinion that if you’re not making a player select a tree and stick to it completely, the trees should not be exclusive to one another. The abilities should synergize between the trees to make a more unique play style. This feedback will reflect that view.

A musket, specifically, is not really all that accurate of a weapon. It’s a step above a blunderbuss and uses a round shot and the barrel isn’t rifled (grooves spiraling around the inside of the barrel) to create spin and keep a modern bullet on trajectory. However, this is a game and we’re NOT working with a blunderbuss. These characters are supposed to be “heroes” which in my mind would indicate that they should stand out in terms of skill and power. With a firearm, that would mean increased accuracy at the very least. To that end I agree with this comment. It shouldn’t be guesswork. Especially at high levels. Perhaps reducing the reticle size 2-3% per mastery level or something would be appropriate so that by max level while aiming down the barrel rather than ‘shooting from the hip’ the reticle could be expected to give you a high degree of accuracy even at extreme range. Custom reticles could be flavor created by the player in individual components that also constrict toward the center as they level.

This is one of those synergy areas. Tie it to this one.

Arrange it so that the only way you can move in shooter stance is to dodge and in the event that you have the hustle perk, you reload 10% faster when dodging from shooter stance.

Good commentary. I will say that the traps shouldn’t just be a “press button to drop trap on the ground” but rather something that you can aim to a certain degree. Press button to toggle ability and then aim at a spot on the ground within 5 meters or something to place. Traps also should not be visible to any but the casting player after more than 1 second has passed. Yeah you saw it placed but that doesn’t mean that in the heat of a conflict you’re going to magically be able to turn 70 degrees and point to the exact spot the trap is at. Trappers are, as a rule, good at camouflaging their traps. Unless you keep looking straight at it you’re going to lose sight of it, and when there’s a gun pointed right at you and you’re moving full tilt to get into range so it doesn’t blast your grey matter 3 feet out behind the pan it belongs in that’s kind of hard to do.

IMO this ability should scale up with the amount of damage done to the opponent. More hp missing from their bar = more wounds to salt = more pain from the salting. Start it small and ramp it up.

This ability should scale up with the amount of armor. At the end of the day it’s akin to an armor piercing round. For someone with light armor it should ignore armor and be an autocrit or something. For someone in medium armor it should ignore the armor and damage it for a period of time (physical armor reduced by 10% or something). For someone in heavy armor it should ignore a % of the armor (steel slows bullets), auto crit, and cause a slow (steel is also bent by bullets and when your armor is crimped in a critical location it becomes uncomfortable to move in a hurry)

That’s all my thoughts on this right now. I might think of something later but I thought I’d toss these in and see what your thoughts are on them.

Hey thanks for answering the post.

I like this idea, crafting your own reticle or special barrel with iron sight would be good, however the game is on 3rd view, they would need to change the aiming mode first or have a perk for it.

I like invisible traps if they dont change anything more, but the aiming thing I dont see it. It would be better imo if you could use the trap without affecting your move speed. If they want to let the traps as they are now, either make them invisible as you said after one second or let them do a very high damage.

For me it would be better to ignore a certain % of the armor, so heavy armor dudes would be more affected since they have lots of armor points. 10% is underwhelming, I would make it 30% so you wont affect the light armor dudes. Killing light armor now is not hard, the problem are those heavy dudes.

I made a few musket threads before in alpha as it’s one of my favorite weapons, but I agree I think it still needs some love. You outlined a lot of good stuff here in the post so I really only want to add some of my personal preferences for changes.

I think Sticky Bombs biggest issue right now is the throw animation. I think I’d like to try sticky bomb throw with the same animation as the rending throw on hatchet, it’s quick and tosses in a straight line and would make using this ability smoother.

Stopping Power is really lame IMO. Sure it can knock back but the time it takes to load is too long compared to the distance they can cover during that load time, so it’s almost not worth it unless you’re not the target and are using it on someone else. If this ability did a full knockdown it would make more sense but it’s at best a big stagger, doesn’t CC long enough to justify the load animation. Also the passives are terrible and very low potency, their only purpose really is activating the final perk.

I don’t really know how I’d change stopping power, but I think a fun replacement skill I’d like to try would be some kind of melee skill akin to a bayonet action. Maybe like a bayonet charge you could activate. Successful stabs would work similarly to the old Skewer work on Spear. Sticking a target would stagger them and then kick then off the tip of it for a small knock back. Upgrades for the skill could be if you stick a target you can instead press LMB to fire a shot and inflict bleed, or something that combos with sticky bomb such as successful bayonet sticks plant a bomb on the target (bomb could be a lesser damage version of the main skill).

Overall though good thread!

Also it would be nice to see the trapper tree revolve around a main skill again instead of just having a passive. My main suggestion in builds past was to make sticky bomb the focus of the tree and give it more power and play more like a grenadier. I think that would be cooler. But they would need to improve the throwing action first.

Good ideas too, not a fan myself about making the trapper tree a “grenadier” but thats on me. However a charge with the musket with a bayonet would be awesome and improving it as you said perks with shots would make the trapper tree as it should be.

The trapper musketeer imo needs to be the dirtiest player of the game, thats my personal opinion, also the sniper tree needs to be the most hard hitting if we dont count the bow.
The trapper should make profit of attacking when the enemy is distracted or from behind, maybe damage on traps or bleed or even the bayonet charge with a bleed perk + a good powder burn then you run and kill your target with dots.

If you have more ideas please continue the post, it would be good if a staff member see it.

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A few more random ideas that popped up. Might be unbalanced but could be fun.

  • Passive for placing a trap on original location when you dodge
  • Instead of stopping power, a net shot that immobilizes or slows instead. Upgrades could be an electrified net for lightning damage and stamina drain. Or a barbed net for bleeds.
  • Maybe offer one of those skills from the corrupted musketeers in Ebonscale where they have this evasive rapid shot or the big explosive shot.

It’s really demoralizing to see this topic and realize that musket is an underwhelming niche weapon in this game. My only reason for buying and putting up with this extremely frustrating level grind that is worse than studying my worst subject is because I am a gun enthusiast. Most fantasy MMOs do not feature firearms. In Guild Wars 2, there was a firearm but it felt more like I am shooting a semi auto rifle and I didn’t feel this oomp like satisfaction of hitting someone with a heavy hitting bullet. If it weren’t for muskets I would’ve asked for refund and uninstalled the game long time ago. But to see something like this, I am really losing my motivation to play this game.

Scientifically, it doesn’t matter. Due to hilly and dense forest type terrain, players don’t even have opportunities to make long range shots past 50m. 50m is the ideal shooting distance for musket; You can aim and hit a man-sized target with deadly accuracy. Past that distance, your well aimed shot will start to go haywire. Even so you can still hit a man sized target up to 100 yards (equivalent to 90 meters) even though you won’t be able to hit a bullseye at that distance. So rifling doesn’t matter in this game unless the devs plan to add flat plains based territories in the future. Besides if this game were realistic, I should be able to one shot everyone who is not wearing a full plate armor with 19 seconds reloading time. (Full plate armor can stop only a couple of musket shots before failing completely. Even when it successfully deflects a bullet it hurts a lot and it can possibly break your bones)

Because the targeting reticle is white, I often can’t see where my reticle is. This is especially prevalent in a very bright or snowy environment(Great Cleave territory) Great suggestion.

50m is not good enough distance to pull off 3~5 aimed shots before your target close in on you. So yes, great suggestion.

I agree. Great suggestion. In fact, musket should ignore armor of anyone not wearing any heavy armor. Since you can wear both heavy and lighter armor pieces simultaneously, I would say people not wearing a heavy breastplate at the very least should be penalized. Also it should negate shield blocking of anyone not using a tower shield. The biggest strength of a musket is its ability to penetrate anything not made out of hardened steel. This would force pvp tanks and off tanks to don heavier armor and possibly change the weapon balance of the game.

Considering how hard it is to actually hit a target in the head, they should remove headshot related passives and replace them with more generic bonuses. Relying on headshots to put out respectable dps is just stupid. Headshots should be massively overpowered. In fact, headshots should either 1 shot or 2 shot a guy. I’ve never managed to land a headshot on an enemy player so far. If you truly think headshots are overpowered, that means you never played as a musketeer in this game and should just shut up altogether. Also, the devs should give us a penetrating shot ability that can penetrate everything in a line. (make it blockable with a tower shield perhaps?)

I don’t expect the muskets to be the king of all weapons. But as an avid fan of physics, military history and as a Total War series player, I believe that muskets should be unrivaled at least when it comes to defending a fort or bursting down a high priority target. Guns replaced bows in our history for good reasons.

Unfortunately one of the next incoming weapons (blunderbuss) have this ability datamined so I doubt they will make it similar for the musket.

I liked the jump + double shot of those mobs a lot xD

I come from a russian MMOFPS, only bought this game because the musket and mage weapons. Probably the musket was op in the alpha with the double sticky bomb but that doesnt justify its state at this moment.

This would be realistic but op, I would make it to ignore a high % base depending on the

armor (higher if you have heavy armor and less if you have light to mantain a certain balance). Our problem are the heavy armor dudes, not the light armor ones.

I agree, a guy in other post said hs should do 200% damage increase instead of 130% and should stagger.

Huh? They are adding blunderbuss(shotgun) in the future? That’s actually a very exotic weapon choice for an MMO. Bye bye secondary melee weapons.

Same here. I love muskets and flamethrowers particularly. I also love how I can crouch and go prone. I’ve never seen these stances in other MMOs before. It’s awesome.

I thought DPS are supposed to target healers and pick off overextending damage dealers. What’s wrong with tanks being able to tank damage?

Are you talking about heavily armored Greataxe users?

Yeah, currently they can go max strenght only 100 points or less in constitution and thx to heavy armor tank a lot.

Life staff is the most broken weapon atm, if you go light armor the only way to die is vs a spear player with perfect stunlock. You are op against every other players.

Actually if you go life staff with heavy armor with 300 focus 200 cons or viceversa you are even more op “paladin” build. Shield + life staff.

It would be nice if the flamethrower skill of the fire staff was usable, I would make a heavy armor close combat mage with that skill.

musket needs a melee attack when the monsters swarm the character at close range
the musket user cant attack. They got to reload as this is their only way to attack.
The melee would be weaker than other melee weapons and would push
monsters back some distance.

DISCLAIMER: I wanted to reply to the OP but hit the wrong comment xD

I really liked what you wrote and agree almost on everything. I’ll be giving some feedback myself.

Imo in general the musket should have greater bonuses for headshots because of how you are supposed to hit them as much as you can.

I really like Shooter’s Stance, probably because it’s the way for the musket to “cheat” its reload mechanic and have a good burst window but that is probably a symptom of common aimed and charged shots being too weak by themselves.

Sticky bomb should be getting an upgrade where shooting a target affected by it makes it prematurely explode giving the weapon some sort of controlled AoE.

Also yes, the crosshair… I think players should be able to choose the one they want because the current one (while cool shaped) doesn’t really help at the distances the musket is supposed to work and outmatch other ranged weapons.

That said, I’m fine with it being more a PvP weapon than a PvE one, I just want it to keep its uniqueness without being overshadowed by others.

Edit: Nice to see we are getting visibility and happy to see that is this thread.

If you are talking about adding a few abilities to create some space from melee fighters, I agree with you. But a completely self sufficient bayonet affixed musket? I don’t know about that… Secondary weapon slot would become redundant. Spear itself might become redundant. Besides we have only 20 weapon mastery points to allocate. You wouldn’t have points left to invest in new abilities anyway.

It’s bad in both PVP and PVE. Open world PVP and solo hunting PVE are ok. It’s pretty much banned in large scale PVP and PVE environments. Considering that group fighting mostly devolves into massive globs of healing and AOE stacking, it’s no wonder muskets have no place in group PVP/PVE . I was hoping for more of a tactical gamepaly. I was wrong. It doesn’t require much skill or tactics other than focus firing and strength in numbers. It’s sad. It can probably be remedied by discouraging blobbing by revamping how AOE works or giving muskets an ability to pierce multiple opponents would be necessary to make muskets more viable. Also the capturing area is too small that ranged attackers cannot contribute to capturing points from distance.

the musket had a melee weapon stuck to its design, the bayonet.
Removing the melee from the musket is taking away from the design of the weapon.
musket melee would be weaker in damage and less range,it would push back monsters.

musket melee

I’m in agreement that something needs to be done about the sorry state of the musket, but I feel most of the abilities are decent, at least in premise.

I think you’re on to something about power shot becoming an execute. I also agree that the impact shot with knock back is somewhat redundant. I’d propose exchanging this skill for a toggle ability to use the musket as a makeshift club (at spear if they add bayonets). Something similar to the hatchet passive that allows throwing, but since replacing the right click messes up the ADS mechanic, make it an on/off switch. Sort of a “business end and personal end” type of deal. It could include survival type upgrades that create space and allow for escapes which kind of seems to be the intent of the trapper tree IMO.

Sticky bomb should probably be changed to a slightly shorter fuse and/or a trigger on damage taken. Anything longer than 3 seconds is just to unreliable and easy to walk away from. I’m hoping the ability to dodge the blast is more of a bug than an intended play mechanic.

Shooters stance could also be made more forgiving by eliminating the need to crouch. Just allow the shot series from whichever stance the player is in at the time. We’re taking the skill for the quick reload time more than anything else this skill offers. I also find lines of sight interrupted by being forced into a crouch in thick grass or hilly terrain as well. Not ideal.

My thoughts on the reload mechanics. They just aren’t fun. At all. Why can I reload on the move with basic shots, but the stuff I’m supposed to be so skilled at root me in place? That makes no sense. We’ve already basically thrown out the idea of these being traditional muskets by using a cartridge ammo system to begin with so there’s no need to me to emulate loading powder, patch and rod. My suggestion would be to shorten the reload animation to 1 or 1.5 seconds and allow dodging without interrupting the reload. In addition, skill shots should be charged on keypress or available while moving just like penetrating shot from the bow trees. It’s silly that this is the only weapon that can be made effectively useless, because of the ridiculous reload animation, by mobs and players that can knock you around and prevent the animation from completing.

As for the damage, it could probably use a slight boost or the headshot multiplier should be practically doubled to compensate for the difficulty of landing shots on the janky mobs and chaotic melee scene. If they modified the reload mechanics to smooth out the rate of fire, the average boost in damage wouldn’t have to be that great to put the weapon on par with others. At the very least. It should probably be a little higher than others to compensate for the expensive and potentially finite ammo requirements by comparison.

Ty for this Apri, I hope they like at least one of our ideas.

Its also a good idea, instead of mine of being able to move a bit this one can be good too.

Still we have a problem with the throw imo, inconsistent and buggy but at least it would be better than now.

The are also bugs with the reload mechanics. The most thing I hate is that 3/6 of the abilities are “charge the musket and do x thing”.

A greater multiplier for headshot would be good with smaller reticles or maybe raising its general damage if they want to test a bit the damage first before making any changes.

Dodging without interrupting the reload may be nice. But 1 or 1.5 seconds reload? No thank you. What makes it any different from firing a bow then? You are basically shooting a semi auto rifle at this rate. I tell you what, it takes normally around 19 seconds to reload a flintlock musket. 3 seconds reload is already pretty fast. I love muskets because they are bursty. Muskets that are not bursty might as well not exist at all. I used to use a rifle in Guild Wars 2. It shot very fast and it didn’t really feel like I am firing a powerful firearms. Guns are supposed to be loud and hit like a truck. No, the real problem is lack of any instant AOE damage whatsoever.

It doesn’t work for muzzle-loading flintlock muskets. You will cut your hands every time you have to reload. Ramrod is stored right beneath the gun barrel. But with that gigantic blade in the way, you won’t even dare to reach for the ramrod for reloading. If the muskets we are using are breach loading firearms, then it might be possible.

adding in another musket for the bayonet there is no difference.
The original musket should get a bayonet
or the musket can be used as melee no bayonet
the bayonet would make it nicer.

So, having gone back and looked at the musket skills again, my previous post has several errors based on previous knowledge that has changed since the last time i really took a good look.

Apparently, the sticky bomb IS, in fact, only a 3 second fuse. But it seems like a LONG 3 seconds. I’m thinking the timer doesn’t actually start until it sticks to something and that kinda hurts it’s usage a lot. I’d still recommend changing the way it launches to more of a click use ability instead of a targeted arc. As it stands now, if you’re zoomed out, it’s a pain to actually get an appropriate sight picture of what you’re trying to aim at. But if you zoom all the way in, the skill works normally. I think maybe they could also reorient the camera when you click the skill and that might alleviate the issue, but it could also introduce other problems. A point and click like the poison arrow attack with a follow up quick lob animation would be a better solution, imo. The fuse should also start the instant the thing leaves your hand. Not sure how they would work this, but there it is.

That was the big error I had, but I also noticed I was in error with stopping power being redundant with powder burn. Apparently the slow effect was removed from the upgrades on powder burn making stopping power its’ own thing. I still think the ability would be better served as a melee toggle with further nodes in that line being dedicated to various light CC effects. It would compliment the trap/hobble theme of the tree better, imo.

Power shot should still be an execute ability when fully powered up. Perhaps even another node linking it with sniper to really clench the deal. With some boosts to the abilities to justify dedicating an entire line of abilities to power shot, for sure. Again, not so much to break the weapon, but enough to get some parity with others.