Real feedback about the musket and some ideas I got to improve its state

ALELUIA, someone finally understands the meaning of distance x speed! thank you very much, i was really too lazy to try to explain it

Glad that someone understands.

This might work for PVE but not for PVP. Scoring headshots on human players is not easy. I landed some headshots while playing in open world PVP; It is difficult and not consistent. In fact, if I am landing headshots on you, that doesn’t mean I am a good player. It instead means that you are a bad player. Landing headshots on actively dodging, zigzagging players is simply not practical. Not to mention so many LOS obstacles. I simply shoot slight below their nametags because I cannot see their full bodies 50% of the time.

Also heavy armor dps classes are ridiculously durable. I am lvl 60 and encountered a random mid lvl 50 guy in the middle of a forest. He simply ran. I landed 3 to 4 body shots on him. His hp
never fell down below 70% even after landing that many shots on him.

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and the excuse everyone talks about is PvP this, PvP that, in PvP it is OP and etc. I also tested the musket in a duel against an archer and felt that he was inferior to the bow

I’ve made a suggestion post for the Trapper tree specifically. It is here:

The Sharpshooter tree does need Power Shot to be replaced with something else. The sniper mastery perk also needs to change.

Something like:

  • Replace Power Shot with “Perfect Shot” : Target will be struck with 160% weapon damage hit.

Passive 1 Upgrade: If target is full health, it is knocked down.
Passive 2 Upgrade: If it is a headshot, target will be silenced for 8s
Passive 3 Upgrade: Shot gains 1% bonus damage for every 10m distance it is from you (@100m=10%).

Sniper Mastery perk: Keep the zoom view. The bonus effect should instead be that every headshot inflicts a 20% weapon damage bleed per second for 10s. Can stack up to 3x.


It depends… if it’s a middle of a fight, you’re exposed, and they know where you are and are running towards you - yes, it’s a hard thing to land headshots.

If you’re not exposed, or they’re trying to escape, or are otherwise completely unaware that you’re aiming a musket at them - no, it’s fairly easy to land headshots with a hitscan weapon. It’s even easier if they’re just simply running away from you since they more often than not strafe directly into your sights,

Yes that’s correct

Yes those are the only instances where I could land headshots reliably.: ambushing and skirmishing from distance while hidden from view. Otherwise, I don’t think I can ever land headshots on an actively dodging target.

great idea

I didn’t quite understand what you meant but I believe PvP and PvE should be balanced separately. You can’t possibly expect human players to behave like NPC monsters.

Yes I agree

I did this in paint, what would you think if the crosshairs were like this?

I am personally not a big fan of chevron style crosshairs. I prefer something more like this.



Again, it’s just my personal preferance. I don’t know how others think.

I can’t use sights like that, I make more mistakes, I used something like ArmA2 or a chevron.
PS: I heard that possibly will nerf more the market in the next patch is this true?

I just want the silly ammo counter gone from the crosshairs. very distracting and c-blocks your view. Ammo counter should be on the weapon display on the bottom right corner.


This is a very well written and thought out post, agree pretty much across the board with this.

I have used the musket in every test (and yes at one point the musket was a bit of a crazy weapon) but it just feels bad to use currently.

could also do that.
but I put it there because in addition to being easy to look at quickly, it would be out of close range of the crosshairs and near the gun in the lower right corner there are already many icons, I think it would confuse or hinder the quick look

Such a nice replies since I did the post, ty all! I also came with another idea.

A lot of us think they need to change the 1.3 hs multiplier to 2.0 at minimum. Devs maybe wont like this idea because probably we could one shot light armor players.

So what do you think about my new idea?: now headshots ignore armor.


I’m a huge fan of this thread. I love so many of the ideas on how to rework the musket, particularly improvements to the trapper tree. I know there are more fundamental issues that affect more players that are vying for Amazon’s attention, but I really hope the musket gets fixed eventually because it’s clearly broken.

One of the core problems with using the trapper tree is the lack of fluidity and timing with switching weapons. It won’t really matter what changes you make to traps until that is fixed.

As it stands right now it’s impractical to switch weapons during a fight. That’s not as big of a deal for the sniper tree because you’re supposed to be farther away from the enemy so you have time to switch weapons and reload. However, with the trapper tree, you’re supposed to be up close to the enemy.

When you’re in melee combat with a musket it’s hard to reload the musket because you’re constantly having to avoid the enemy so you’re constantly canceling the reload animation which forces you to almost stop entirely. Therefore, you need to switch to a melee weapon to attack enemies that are right on top of you. So, if you’re using traps you have to constantly switch between laying traps, throwing bombs, and switching to a melee weapon because your musket is useless.

If you do manage to get your musket reloaded in melee combat, it’s almost pointless because you can’t hit enemies with a musket shot when they’re close to you in this game, which is counter-intuitive because the closer something is the easier it is to hit in the real world.

I have to assume Amazon doesn’t want the musket to work in medium to close combat or else it would. So, they want players using the trapper tree to use melee weapons in combat, which means they want trappers to constantly switch weapons during a fight, which is fine, but then switching weapons mid-fight needs to be viable.

There have been many great ideas for new abilities to the trapper tree. However, if Amazon doesn’t want to create new abilities for the trapper tree then the following changes must be made to make the tree viable with the abilities it currently has:

  1. Traps:
  • The visibility of traps needs to change so that they are more visible to the player and less visible to the enemy.

    • Sometimes I throw a trap and can’t see where it landed, especially if I’m trying to throw it a good distance away. Most often traps sink into the ground and I can’t see them at all. I assume this was done to make them more difficult for enemy players to see, which is fine, but I need to know where my own trap is at all times. The point of a trapper tree is to play around traps and I can’t do that if my traps disappear. In the heat of a fight, traps can be particularly difficult to find with everything else that’s going on. Why not put a bright glow around traps that are only visible to the person that laid them?
  • The length of time enemies are trapped needs increased. Currently, when I’ve trapped an enemy, I can do one thing at a time:

    • I can hit them with a sticky-grenade because it’s almost impossible to hit enemies when they’re moving (it takes so long to switch into and out of the grenade throwing stance, the throwing mechanic is clunky, and the hit detection is terrible), which means I won’t get to take advantage of the healing aspect of the trap as the time it takes for a sticky-grenade to detonate is longer than someone is trapped.
    • I can choose to reload stopping power, the animation for which is longer than the trap is active, which means I won’t get to take advantage of the healing aspect of the trap.
    • I can do neither and shoot the enemy and try to get some health back, but because it’s so hard to throw traps a good distance, the trapped enemy is either right on top of me or close enough that it makes hitting them with a musket shot impossible, and even if I can get a shot off it’s usually just one or two at most because it takes so long to reload.
    • I can trap an enemy switch to a melee weapon and light attack. It’s almost impossible to trap an enemy switch to a melee weapon and use an ability, which to me seems to be the entire point of the trapper tree in the first place.
  • Fix or change the trap-laying mechanic

    • Laying traps takes too long and is not fluid. I should effortlessly be able to lay traps in the middle of combat. Instead, it’s clunky and breaks up the timing and flow of fighting. You’re essentially left to only laying traps before you engage with an enemy or fleeing and laying a trap and hoping your enemy will be stupid enough to walk on top of it as they watch you lay the trap.
  1. Sticky-Grenade:
  • Fix or change the throwing stance mechanic:
    • The quickness with which players switch into and out of the sticky-grenade throwing stance needs to be increased. It’s not practical, in the middle of a close-range fight, to stop and press “F” however many times necessary to switch into the throwing stance, then try to find the very faint colored arc, aim it until the faint colored ball is on the moving and dodging enemy, click to throw the grenade, and watch it slowly soar past the enemy that has already moved or watch it hit the enemy’s extremity and not attach at all. The whole process of throwing a sticky grenade should be smooth and fluid. Instead, like the trap, you’re forced to throw it before you engage in combat because once you’re in melee range it’s impractical to use.
    • Or make sticky-grenade throws work like hatchet throw abilities. I think the easiest solution would be to get rid of the sticky-grenade throwing stance mechanic altogether and make it more similar to how the hatchet throw abilities work, as others have suggested.
  • Decrease the time until detonation:
    • Maybe Amazon doesn’t want to do this because then trappers would be able to trap someone, stick them with a grenade, and have them explode while the enemy is still trapped. Idk why they would be against this idea, maybe they think it would be too much damage or too hard to balance, or would give the trapper too much health or something? Still, the detonation time is way too long.
  • Fix hit detection:
    • Right now you have to hit center mass on enemies to get the sticky grenade to attach. It’s not very sticky. Nine times out of ten when I hit an enemy with a sticky grenade in their extremities (arms, legs, head) it goes right through them.
  1. Stopping Power:
  • Add knockdown to enemies in addition to slowing them when they are within a certain range.
    • I’ve never been shot or shot any living creature, but I imagine the stopping power of a musket has to increase the closer it is to the musket. So if the enemy is within a certain distance from the player they should also get knocked down.
  • Reload time needs to be shortened and you should be able to move and load the shot.
    • The reload takes longer than loading the gun regularly when it’s supposed to be an ability. Abilities should give you an advantage, not a disadvantage. In that same vein, I think having a trapper in mid-to close combat stop completely to load the gun doesn’t make any sense. So as it stands right now, like the trap and sticky-grenade, it’s impractical to use in melee combat.

Abilities in the trapper tree shouldn’t be impractical to use in mid to close-range combat. They also shouldn’t be impractical to use while engaging in combat.



Bow ‘long draw’ is 70% additional damage.
The first two 2 points in Hunter Tree are ‘Aim True’ (+30% to long draw) and ‘Long Range’ (+20% to ALL shots if range > 10m). None of this requires a headshot. Compare that to pathetic 5% and 10% CONDITIONAL passives for musket.

This gives 220% damage opener that does not have to be a head shot.
If it is a headshot …

Just saying


Bonification for the musket are too low and last a very short time. Musket should have more damage/shot and probably remake some passive perks because right now you only can do damage with perks stacking along with shooter stance.

3/6 abilities are the same ability just with different effects (overload your next shot and do X thing).

IMO musket should hit a bit harder with normal shots, a lot harder with hs (have bigger multiplier/ make hs ignore a big % of armor) and make the zoom perk from sniper tree base as someone said before. Removal of hitscan wouldnt matter for me if we get those changes since its sometimes buggy.

For me those are the minimum changes + fix the bugs and custom/ (even craftable in game) crosshair.

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Extremely instructive thread. The musket definitely needs some love atm :slight_smile: