Real feedback about the musket and some ideas I got to improve its state

I’d be against removal of hitscan because that’s exactly why I chose to use the weapon personally. As a player who suffers from being forced to play on 150 ping servers because AGS decided that there isn’t going to be any “Asia” servers on launch, basically cucking themselves from “MILLIONS” of potential players from the Asian region.

Without hitscan, no ranged weapon is playable for any player above 100 ping due to the delay between the projectile being released from the player’s location + the leading it requires to land it. (It’s easily workable if you have 30-60 ping but not if you’re way past 100)

If there are any changes for musket I reckon it should be to either decrease reload time (allowing the musket to be a higher shot frequency weapon) or increase its overall damage per shot and larger hs modifier (from 1.3 to 2)

And it won’t be op because not everyone can land multiple headshots in a row towards a moving target (perhaps you have a special few who can but that’s because of their thousands of hours of practice and experience from FPS) which would make the weapon far more rewarding for the higher-end of the skill-ceiling.

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My 2 cents using the Rifle is that the sensitivity when zoomed in using sniper shot uses the same as default, which is too high when zooming in.

Just about every other game with gun zooming slows the sensitivity down, as you’re not doing quicker movements, rather focusing on a far away thing. This is really hard to do when sensitivity is relatively high.

The issue with the reload rate is out of all the weapons it has the lowest dps and many times if exhausted you get stuck in an animation lock trying to reload and you can’t switch weapons so you die because there is no blocking with the musket.

I think one thing that would help the musket is if every hit actually staggered the target as well as slowed would also help, and having it ignore armor more, muskets are one of the reason plate armor stopped being used.

one more idea is the closer to the musketeer the more damage he will deal, at 1~2m away he would deal 100% damage ignoring 98% of the armor, what would you think?

I wish they would do this! musket tickles the tanks even if you headshot them… I wish they can also increase the range, its barely longer than staff users, and a little difference in damage too… I also like the idea in here that every shot should do a mini stun, aiming with musket is like aiming in fps game with that tiny crosshair

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I agree, but I’m against such a cross, I have difficulties with it.

I’m more like them to increase the arc so I can see what’s in the center of the triangle

Musket is the longest ranged weapon in the game. In fact, You can hit anything you can see. Now, you cannot make 200 m shots unlike some liars claim. But that’s not because its weapon range is limited but rather that targets that far away from you are not displayed in your screen. So I do not understand what you mean by increasing the range of the muskets.

You cannot hit targets at some range even if you can see them, there’s a certain range only… try aiming at players as far as you can see that their names are not displaying anymore… shots are not registering somehow, you have to get closer to the point that a staff user can hit you too

Exactly where on the world map can you even see that far? I’ve never had such an experience in open world PVP. And if you cannot even see their names, how do you know whether your hits are registering or not? But even if the muskets had limited effective range, I wouldn’t be surprised. A real life musket cannot hit a target accurately past 100m. Only rifles can shoot accurately past 100m. And even if you see can see that far ahead of you, such opportunities are extremely rare that it won’t even change your overall gameplay experience. I am rather impressed that staff users can compete with you at such long distances. Maybe staffs should be nerfed in terms of their effective range instead.

Im now spamming outpost rush and I need like 20 hs to kill a heavy armor tank, like 15 to kill a ha healer (if doesnt heal back) etc. Meta is hammer/ga like 40% of players, 50% are ha lifestaff and the rest are mages (even now that mages are not working properly they do more damage than us).

Hell im thinking of switching to bow, at least I might be able to kill with 2 shots a light armor. I need like 5 shots to a light armor rn but with the bow I can oneshot if hs.

I play as a lumberjack/miner/laborer in outpost rush. I can get much better score that way. DPSing is a total waste of time.

Might say more later, but I wish instead of a “more accuracy” passive, it was a switch from hip firing to melee swing for just left clicking.

Just like how hatchets can swap out their block for a throw.

Just done a Depths run and I noticed something infuriating… my musket bullets passed through bombs doing 0 damage.

I noticed the same in the Barrows about bones but I thought it was a one timer bug.

Have you had similar experiences?

besides a much longer time to kill mobs of the same lvl which melee weapons don’t have the same problem, i noticed projectiles going through the mob without doing damage.

That might either be a noreg or the mob being melee, it sucks but it happens with the bow too. With the bombs in the dungeon it never deals damage, it’s not an occurrence.

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my suggestions:
improve the crosshair

called shot should be a base mechanic with a bigger bonus, replacing heavy attacks.

overload should be instant if musket is ready to fire and shouldnt take longer than regular reload.

overload should not freeze you in place.

exhausted penalty should be removed

you can get stuck in a reload loop when dodging and getting hit, there needs to be a solution for that.

shooter stance should not lock in place crouching. let the user walk.

the throw animations are too clunky, too slow & not fluid. trapper tree is impractical for a ranged weapon. change the trapper tree to a “skirmisher” tree, which has utility:
-stopping power is turned into a knockdown
-trap is replaced with a quick caltrops throw that slows in a wide area. upgrades can be cooldown, bleed and rend

for me the shooter stance skill should be removed from the game, this is not logical and it should be something natural of the musket itself, you crouch you automatically shoot much faster and without lock the use of skill and would not have dalay

I like this idea, however the bow with rain of arrows will do the same but better ( 150% base weapon damage + bleed perk (+85%)).

I disagree a lot here, in the right circustances its the most OP ability the musket has, however a little improvement is needed like:

Im happy to see im not the only one who hates the crosshair xD

you making this skill native to the musket without using a skill could create a new skill to replace it