Real reason why game is dying, and is not bugs or lag

I’m adamant there is nothing people can say in this thread to change your opinion, because you’re not here to debate but to argue that your opinion is what’s going on.


I read the front page of the game and all about it, nothing there really says the factions must be in a constant state of war. As a matter of fact it even says the following:

The three factions of Aeternum continually vie for control of towns and territories, but common self-interest has led to a general truce within the walls of each settlement. Together, you and your fellow players will work to complete town projects and take advantage of shared refinement and crafting stations to produce goods. You even have the option of settling down by purchasing a house in a settlement—or more, if that’s your thing.

So if for common self interest you want to do a dungeon together, so be it.


must be another game then, what to do to inflict wars?
take a fort and do ow PvP missions, no?!

ah you were just kidding and provoking i see, dont mind :smiley:

im showing to you the longest standing mmorps list and you are saying the opposite haha, games with 20 years at top. Where are your mmos full pve games?

I dont need to you to explain me about BDO, i know perfectly how the game works, early and mid game is pve and end game is pvp, the game stays high for pvp players not pve. Pves come back every time something new, play 2 month and when are at endgame leave again, but the game stay at top for pvp end game content and players that keep playing forever not for pve.

You many think the brand new MMO is pvp focused now but it never really stays that way. PVPers are very picky and quit if they won’t get what they want and they don’t get it right away, and also get bored of the game like anyone else. What happens is they just keep adding PVE content to game and the game will be about pve grinds for better gear and cosmetics and housing and such.

Splitting factions in PvE content with tiny servers with just 2k population at the peak is not an option - that would kill the balance instantly.

Imagine this more like politics - your friends might vote for someone else, but they are still your friends. Same here with factions.

And this game is by no means dying. It is normal for overhyped games to lose a bunch of the audience over a short period of time. The core audience will stay and the game will grow back to a balanced population with balanced servers etc.

DDO, 16 years and had great combat mechanics for a game made in 2006

Spoken like a person who never played Mortal Online, Darkfall, or any of the dozens/hundreds of PvP focused games out there. Where are those games now? Meanwhile, you have Guild Wars 2, WoW, ESO, etc. that are PvE focused and still going strong.


Press play the video i posted.

there’s tarkov, rust if you want full loot pvp, most of the games in the video are not full pvp, they have instance only pvp which is same as toggle on and off, war and outpost rush, wait a little logner and arena and rank board should be available, play another game while waiting instead of wasting your life for a game you hate, soon you will be posting graphs here too daily

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I disagree on both accounts. The game is not dying, and PvP is alive and well.

That list is not the lists of longest standing MMORPGs. There are many PvE MMORPGs in the 10+years bracket that are just missing from your list. The list is selective. WoW, Neverwinter, Star Trek Online, The Everquests, Even some now closed games lasted longer than the games on your list. Asheron’s call was 17 years old when it finally closed down, therefore more successful than two of the games you have listed.

Your list doesn’t even include Eve Online, which is I think 17 years old this year and unlike most of your examples which are actually PvE games, EvE is a legit PvP game.

So your list is garbage for a number of reasons and doesn’t prove the points you think it does.


All those game are in the list, maybe you think they where more popular than they really where.
Eve online is in the list too.

You’re making less sense the more you post, just saying.

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Running, skiing, swimming, sudoku, rubic cube… those are all games where you do not compete directly agains your opponent but against opponents score. Just as you can in PvE within MMORPG.

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But first of all, it aint dying anytime soon.
But the reason why so many players are giving up is probably because Amazon wants to target everyone, all playstyles, and by doing that it does not make anyone fully happy.

There is hardly any mechanical change in the game that will not make one group happy and another aggitated at the same time.

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What i less sens to you? i posted a video with data from google and some people come here to say im wrong, what should i do? Trust in data from google trends or trust in some randoms guy on internet?
I know the problem with MMOs is that im saying, you are correct nobody will change my mind becouse i know im saying the truth.
Almost all games that keep people playing for years and years are games with tons of pvp content, with some exceptions.

this is why the game is dying, blatant dupes everywhere.

I have seen the vid now. Rock music fkashy animations of bars that move and ZERO credibility for that random Youtuber pulling the numbers from his behind without without naming ANY reliable source for his informations. I tried to find WoW in the list and alone this showed that the lis is false. The only time WoW was at around 900k active accounts was 1 day BEFORE the reöease in EU which happend on February 15th 2005. After than it has been in the millions. Sure a lot of people have quit but until its peak of 12 million ACTIVE accounts at the start of Cataclysm it has always gain more new player than it has lost. If this is rhe list if the overall played mmos… well Blizzard has published a data fact around WoW on its 10th anniversary stating that WoW hat 100 MILLION created accounts since release.

If that video of a small uneducated and badly informed youtuber is your source, your argument is so weak, its a greataxe made out of hemp fiber.


Most successful and long lasting games have been PvE oriented. Runescape, WoW, FF14, Elder scrolls: Online, The secret world etc… WoW is a pretty good example of why PvE is the driving force in an MMO, and why few companies go for full on PvP in MMOs. There’s simply not enough market for it. The full on PvP MMOs we have these days are old ones with an established core playerbase with their rose tinted googles nailed to their head.

MMOs are a small niche market, and MMOs with full on PvP is even smaller. WoW is the biggest still on the block and even that is only making roughly 186 million a year, compared to games such as call of Duty that drags in 1,7 billion a year. This is part of the fiscal report by the way found at ActivisionBlizzard’s main page. Even King is making more money than WoW.

For MMOs to survive they need the core PvE players. FF14 is a good example of how PvE drives the MMO market, people want to opt in on PvP, not be forced into it all the time.