Reality of New World

Whelp, I think its time to leave New World. This is a bit of a rant.

I hoped NW would be a PVP centered game. Coming from WoW pvp - specifically battlegrounds centered - I was hoping for something new and exciting. New combat, gearing, etc that was just better. As a side note, my favorite era of WoW pvp was MoP and WoD with PVP vendors etc, where casual pvpers could get max gear by spamming BG’s etc.

I had hoped to be able to do PVP to get the best gear for PVP - then do various forms of it in a good way. I wanted to have PVP fights feel skill based, no gimmicks, no stupid addons giving players unfair advantages that exist in WoW.

But how does gearing work here?

You hit 60 - then run around PvE zones with +luck gear, following groups of people and looting chests over and over, hoping to slowly increase your gearscore.

If I am 60, and I want to duo or solo a hard boss - and he is capable of dropping a 600 item level weapon - too damn bad, im not ‘worthy’ of getting it because my watermark is too low. Even though I killed the boss, even solo - He can drop the weapon - but a 510 version of it instead of 600. If i ran around and killed trash forever, opened a million boxes, then came back to him - THEN he could give me a 600 weapon version.

Thats PURE garbage IMO. If I can kill him, he should drop his loot. Period.

But all I want to do is PVP - so…can I just do PVP missions to get the best gear for PVP? Nope. Can I spam outpost rush and wars, to get the best gear for PVP? Nope. Im WAY better of slamming rocks with my mining pick and smelting ore to make my gear, along with opening boxes to get gear so I can PVP. Unfortunately, I dont care about tradeskilling, mining, harvesting, housing, any of it.

Next topic: PVP itself.

I’ve watched countless pvp videos and pvp’d myself, and you know what I see more than anything? MASSIVE, OVERWHELMING AMOUNTS of calorie consumption. If after every battle, I’ve consumed 3000 calories worth of hearty meals and potions, what really happened? Did I just go to home town buffet and fend people off from attacking me while I ate?

Developers, stop and think for a second. You see a 5 minute duel, where the players have healed themselves to full SEVERAL times due to nonstop potion consumption, + a few seconds of food buff-healing. Does this make sense? The dude is chasing you around with a giant axe -but you pull out your favorite ham-sandwhich and just take the fattest bite you ever had, then jam it back into your coat pocket, pull out a potion, pour the bottle all over your mouth and face - then you take your spear out and start trying to stab him. Mr. Axe man gets a few nasty hits, so you roll away, BUST OUT your favorite Italian wheat sandwich and jam the thing in your mouth, AGAIN chomping away while you fumble around in your pockets for your 2nd favorite orange regeneration potion and chug that down too. (If you were a frost gauntlet - you could just chew your sandwhich while Entombed in ice block and get healed).

Okay. So what if we just had fights where, you fought the person with your weapons and lived / died doing so, without having to do 15 miles on the treadmill to burn off all the calories you consumed slamming sandwiches and potions during your 1 match.

I wont bother going into nerfs, and tuning classes around despite the fact the abilities being nerfed have literally been broken since beta, or the perks / talents bugging specific weapons etc since beta either. I wont talk about huge lag in town, wars, etc, as I figure thatll get fixed.

I just wanted to PVP, get the best gear FOR PVP, and fight ‘players’ and not their alchemy tables or kitchen counters. I dont want every fight to feel like a trip to home town buffet.


  1. PVP gear vendor. Get tokens / whatever from outpost rush or pvp kills. Use tokens to turn into ilvl 600 gear eventually / reasonably. PVP gear can start at 530, and you could maybe upgrade the gear piece with tokens all the way up to 600. Possibly some perks you could pick on the gear to be purchased via pvp tokens. End of outpost rush / pvp mission = box with tokens inside.

  2. Stop making food heal you for the first 10 seconds. Its a out of combat thing / stat food ONLY.

  3. GIve ALL potions a 2-3minute cooldown, ALL shared cooldowns + reduce effectiveness by a big percent.

  4. Eliminate watermark. If i kill Dr. Doom boss, and he can drop the sword, i should be able to get it. Me killing him 20,000 times so im ‘allowed’ to drop the best item level version of the sword is stupid.

Until some new changes…



Had a good hearty chuckle.

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but you have to kill or finish a raid/dungeon 20,000 times on some MMO too, to get the best gears, and yes you are right, heals and food regens are broken right now, you are immortal with them hopefully then can apply a hotfix

Almost like you’re playing a game huh?

haha yeah, though their are benefited from your leaving, less server maintenance cost for them.

This. Watermark system is pointless and a waste of time. If you reach endgame and do hard content you should be rewarded with the best gear, not start another grind in the endgame to grind AGAIN the best gear.

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Less and less.

Have any of you ever played Guild Wars 1? That game had some of the best pvp in an MMO game ever, but you know what it didn’t have? Potions.

Are potions too strong for pvp content? I realize that they are a necessity for solo pve content and this game was never meant for you to be grouping up at all times (unlike guildwars which always required you to have a party for pve). This is one of the main downsides of weapons like the Musket, which require that your opponent doesn’t just go hide behind a wall and stuff his face with food and potions.

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