Really AGS Really!


this is terrible odds and terrible way of doing things here. Its ok though coz im done with this game after playing since launch and completed all content

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hasn;t someone concluded with statistical certainty that this isn’t true?

Don’t quote me but I believe someone recorded around 5k crafts and more or less proved there is a hidden roll somewhere in there that gives you a legendary or bumps you down to 599. It gives you non legendary 600s in chests etc.

nope game gives you no help or numbers so no way to know how to calculate it plus could be hidden stuff in there the only way to know for sure is to data mine it or if devs literally tell us

Well sort of true. I believe the point of his whole topic was that he couldn’t literally confirm the %, but that there was a better chance of a random atom being chosen in the universe and it being on his hand than the chance of rolling a legendary being 1/6.

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Don’t really understand why people keep playing crafting unless they are a part of RMT.
You need to buy cheap materials from bots in order to make a feasible number of attempts. And no, five attempts is laughable except in any other MMO.
Without those cheap materials, you won’t make a profit and there is no point.
Then how are people even going to buy what you will charge for it except with RMT money? Or even outright offer you IRL money?

Stop doing crafting.
If the game isn’t fun for you if you don’t do crafting, then you should just stop playing this game.
One year and all AGS has seen is data tainted by bots and RMT so they think because so many people are crafting so much that their system works.
No it does not, it’s broken. The only people who can feasibly farm enough materials are bots running 24/7 and multiple accounts. Even gathering enough for one attempt at top tier crafting is stupidly tedious. And that’s excluding the grind to get your craft skill up in the first place.


all i really understood from this is that your saying crafting is not worth it and lots of bots.

but on Fae EU Central players have well over priced certain items like ores and woods for example then the billions of bots sell it slightly cheaper than the current prices. so our bots are selling at extremely inflated prices. bots have ruined the game and so have the devs but fuk it im out for now until AGS seriously up there game and double even triple their content

i hate how you get all itmes at once now. who asked for this

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So you get 4/10 legendaries. You’re upset about a 40% legendary rate? That’s strange


Hopefully till the mid of December I will be able to finish calculator to get your chance of crafting an item with selected parks (eg BiS item) so people could finally understand what is their real economical chance of crafting BiS and what fair price for BiS items should look like

Question isn’t about leg items. Specific Perks > Some random perks to get legendary rariry

This is how we should craft:

  • perk buckets - so we force specific ability and if not, in cost of azoth we should be able to chose bucket. Where we would have few buckets for pve and few for pvp.

IT would make craftign way more reliable. PVE player dont need stupid resilient or armor same way healers dont want keen on LS.

But amazon designers are low quality. Ppl who originaly designed game had some idea what they are doing but seems they are long time gone.

i think you didnt understand it all my friend

I’d say it’s pretty simple. You rolled 10 items, 4 were legendary. 40% legendary rate in that instance of crafting. Pretty solid.

Everyone leveling a new profession that required them sit there through each and every craft screen.

I agree to an extent.

In my opinion - PVP perks should only appear on gear if you are PVP flagged when performing the activity. So if you are PVP flagged when you run the expedition then you get PVP perked gear instead of PVE. If your not flagged you get PVE gear instead of PVP gear. Same when the crafter crafts. If they want to get PVP perks be flagged when you craft and vice versa. Easy built in way to toggle what you want from loot without a bunch of overhead. Flag is already in the game just use it.

Secondarily, I still think that the game should introduce a reforging process that allows you to overwrite a perk on a piece of gear and in doing so it becomes BOP. The perk that you apply doesn’t need to be as strong as a naturally occurring perk - maybe give it a 30% reduction in effectiveness. But this would function as a bridge between non bis and bis.


Had same idea. That reforging would allow to change single perk on an item and you can do this many times. But each next try does double the cost (azoth i assumed).

Enjoy the 500 to 2,000 hour gear grind. That’s the whole of the game. Instead of going down the Guild Wars 2 route, they decided to go down the ArcheAge route.

The funny thing is that I had better odds getting nice team of 5 star waifus. In the Gotcha game Epic Seven in under 50 hours of play, with spending less than $50. Than I had to get decent gear in over 800 hours of New World.

If you don’t like this form of progression, there is always other MMOs that respect your time. There are now even two Korean MMOs that’ll respect your time way more then New World.

I don’t think you can do it by just making it more expensive. The resulting perk needs to not be as potent as the natural perk so that it doesn’t degrade the value of actual natural BIS 3 perk items.

The idea is to present a middle ground where you can get the perks you want but they may not be full power.

Nah. Idea should be combining 2 systems:

  • salave should have % chance to give you back 1-2 mods used in crafting and some more resouces (only crafted items)

  • forging will prevent salave. if you try forge items you can get only repair parts from salave of this items. no runic leather, no asmodeum, no mods. And yea it can also be ok if each next forge decrease chance for additional perk while incresing costs. And even if success - tehn new perk can be weaker that normal one from BIS.

Also i think forging should be available only on crated items. Dungons or other drops do not have costs like crafted ones.