Really AGS Really!

I don’t think you can do it by just making it more expensive. The resulting perk needs to not be as potent as the natural perk so that it doesn’t degrade the value of actual natural BIS 3 perk items.

The idea is to present a middle ground where you can get the perks you want but they may not be full power.

Nah. Idea should be combining 2 systems:

  • salave should have % chance to give you back 1-2 mods used in crafting and some more resouces (only crafted items)

  • forging will prevent salave. if you try forge items you can get only repair parts from salave of this items. no runic leather, no asmodeum, no mods. And yea it can also be ok if each next forge decrease chance for additional perk while incresing costs. And even if success - tehn new perk can be weaker that normal one from BIS.

Also i think forging should be available only on crated items. Dungons or other drops do not have costs like crafted ones.

but i got my chest, legs and gloves first time. now head and feet refuse to roll half decent fuk this game

Mega Ditto’s I totally agree 10000000000000%

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i think u still dont understand read back thats 4 sht legendaries out of 10 rolls.
yet i worked hard and took from launch till now to get everything set so i can make the leggo armour and with everything in place 598-600 only 2 it could be non leggo and yet i get 6 non leggo thats pathetic. considering i have worked my way up to that its propa rubbish. and its because they are looking at it as theres 3 outcomes 598 599 600 but in reality if i was at 1 - 600 then there is 600 outcomes. makes no sense why they would change this half way through. sht and this game keeps making bad decisions and keeps losing players good luck let me know when you quit
In the meantime, chin up, watch this for a laugh

It’s unfair… I’ve been playing the lottery for so many years and still am no millionaire… it’s so unfair…


lol indeed! Sad that crafting is nothing short of gambling on a lottery. Someone said something on here one day that made soooo much sense to me. They said something to the effect of:
“Crafting in this game, after grinding your levels to 200. Then getting all your trophies, mats and gear. Is like spending 8 years in Culinary School and then deciding you’re going to make an apple pie… but you have to make 50 pies and hope 1 is actually an apple pie 0_0”


Fracking genius!!!


wouldnt work. when you use groupfinder for mutations youd almost always go in pve and youd never get pvp drops.

I did 30 golden scarab rolls and got straight rammed and it hurt my soul… this isn’t really that bad. I got 0 legendary pcs

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You have a 12.5% chance to get no legendaries when using 5 stop watches. Yes you were unlucky, no it’s not bugged. It’s called variance.

I dont see how group finder is a problem.