Really disappointed in the playerbase

I think the AGS created this game with a lot of love. Apart from some issues that seemed like fixable, game offered everything that mmorpg needs to offer. I also liked the old-school approach that they took.

But what happened then, to my great surprise, is that players constantly abused the game systems (leveling up as fast they can through shortcuts) and more importantly searched for bugs that could give them unfair advantage (gold dups, war lag…). And that’s what puzzles me, I always though that mmorpg is the game that would attract players looking for immersion and escapism and not for system abuse. I though that mmorpg players are the ones with great imagination, the point which allows them to enjoy the “other” world.

And that has shifted the game development, which obviously started with the best intentions, to combating abusers, the state where no one is really happy, because “good” players do not get the attention they need (developing and fixing intended things), and abusers, well they are not here to have fun anyways, they are just abusers.

On the other side are game executives that, surprise surprise, want good reviews and more money. That puts the developers, now more then ever, in a very bad position, between the players trying to break the game and executives trying to make that go away.

My point being, if there were not for so many players that should not really be playing this game as they do not deserve it, we would probably already have a stable game with living economy and more content/QoL improvements.

Seriously though, when your gaming sessions starts, you live in an alternative world (the safe one, the beautiful one) and the first thing you do is try to break it? Really?


It’s a vocal minority that bitch and complain. More than likely, its just who they are, complainers.

Hell with 'em, who cares what their opinions are.


That’s not what the post is about.


Suddenly pointing out negatives piling up and not properly fixing things turned into bitching? I don’t care if you’re disagreeing but to rule out every possibility that there are things that break the game will make you look like an idiot. Same thing could be said about you, who cares what your opinions are.


I mean, if I discovered anything in this game that is broken, that would make the things unfair, I would not even think about doing it. It’s just not the point of mmorpg imo. Am I crazy?


There’s a point to where complaining about every little glitch is bitching, when its not constructive or doesn’t offer good feedback; its hot noise.

People can just easily not play and come back later, instead they create stupid posts like “OH MY GAWD WORST MMO EVAR!!!11!!!” or whatever else they complain about.

Bitching to bitch just clutters the forums.


I wasn’t cheating or gold duping. I haven’t rush to end game in 2 weeks or power leveled trade skills or was running chest each day to rise watermark.
I was punished for that in path 1.1
I leveled fishing to 200 and reported countless bots. I see them everyday still running around or fishing.

In every game there are players who want to cheat and abuse system. It’s nothing new or extraordinary. Every game developer knows about it and they are preventing it as much as possible. Problem is, New world is so bad written it enabled many exploits to be used and no banning for it just encourage more people to cheat.


Do you know what complaining is? it includes stating a problem in its’ definition, so I will not deny that there are complainers who are just doing that for the sake of complaining but to generalize that on every complaint is kinda ignorant imo.


idk man seems like player base been shrinking
Doesn’t seem like it’s a minority anymore


Sorry, I completely disagree. The one thing New World absolutely does not have is heart, soul & love.

You can see that this game wasn’t developed and created by devoted developers because the game is as hollow and thin as it can be. This is something that’s blatantly obvious and copy and paste cities and enemies and character models tell you about.


I understand that cheaters are in every game. But why here? This is a game for adults, it’s complex, it’s made for players to create, not destroy. There are much better places for players that just want to have some quick revenge over how unhappy they are in their lives.


Calling it out as it is

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When this started out, people were willing to give constructive feedback. After feeling like their concerns were not addressed, the atmosphere has devolved into a bickering nightmare.

It’s no different when your girlfriend hints that she is not happy with something and you ignore her. What right do you have to complain about her elevated tone, or uncouth choice of words? You didn’t listen when she was being polite.

So now AGS are going to eat some turkey while the EU servers remain offline. It’s pathetic at this point.


I think the only reason for this is the forced release time-line. It was supposed to get improved over time.

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It’s shrinking, it was rushed. And theres plenty of problems.

They can all get fixed over time, whether not they do. We’ll see.

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You know alot of these bugs including duping has been around since beta. None of it got fixed. Some only got fixed because people starting being vocal about it and made videos / forum posts on the bugs and exploits. Imagine if no one spoke out about issues in the game. You really think it’s going to get fixed when you come back to the game?


I mean even if it gets improved over time (which I highly doubt; they will add more enemy models I guess but that’s about it), it just supports my statement: New World is devoid of heart and soul. This is one of the biggest complaints overall, so it’s not really debatable either. And I’m not talking about lore here, just the little things that create an immersive world.

New World as a wasteland without animals, enemies and NPCs would be a great apocalyptic war to immerse in as the world is beautiful, but the world with the recent NPCs is just… hollow. Filled with stuff but that stuff is so bad and boring and soulless that it would indeed be better if it wouldn’t exist at all.


I mentioned this in another thread but always design game systems with the assumption that most of the players are sociopaths…even if they are not.

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minority? people are dropping this game like a hot potatoe. The numbers don’t lie.


even things like forts and caves are 100% clones. Very minimal everything in this game.