Really, I just found out that you cannot see healing done in OPR?

It is terrible that a player can see how much damage they do, but cannot see how much healing they do after a match. C’mon AGS. Step up your game. Implement Damage Meters! Or, Let Us Do It.

Sometimes the scoreboard shows healing I do in OPR, sometimes it shows as 0 (which is not true, as i’m a healer getting a high rank + max rewards)

There are other scoreboard bugs I’ve noticed where I can only see my name (and no one else’s name) on the army allies/enemies list. Another scoreboard issue where I see the entire scoreboard with character pictures + score, but names are all gone.

Not sure if relogging fixes any of these issues. :woman_shrugging:t3: I’ve just learned to live with it at this point.


It’s a bug man. Sometimes it shows your score and sometimes as zero…

Yeah definitely a bug, sometimes shows nothing. Sometimes only shows overall healing not ‘team’ healing (think that’s what it’s called) but I’m not 100% sure if ‘team’ refers to your specific 5 man group or the entire 20.

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Bug fest, buddy. Go play something else while you wait for fixes. You’re just throwing your time away now.


I can honestly say the times i haven’t been able to see my OPR healing score it hasn’t diminished my enjoyment of the game lol

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Agreed, this is just horrible, as a healer I did 90k in damage, but Ihave not idea what I healed for. Just one of a dozen reasons OPR is terrible for healers.

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