Really sad view after 6 months of break. There is nothing to return to

I thought about returning after 6 months but there is nothing to return to. Most of the servers are dead, pay for the transfer? No thanks. Server cap is still hovering around 2k which has already proven to be a joke by mmo standards in 2022 (this is how it ends when a survival game is made into a shortcut mmo).
How much was the merge? Quite a few, and there are still 17 servers left, of which 12 are dead or on the verge of death (EU situation)

The problem with New World is that they tried too hard to listen to the community and each camp - changing the concept and trying to please everyone (PvP players, PvE players) ended up leaving almost everyone dissatisfied. These keeping the “balance” between one and the other came out so that both were average or below average. Lack of any consistency and wandering in the fog with changes
Not mention bugs, dupes etc.

New World had great potential but the failure of management made it work out as it did, or rather, did not work out




@Luxendra just give a megaserver already. Please.

Hmm, have you played or just looked at the population? Because it’s weird to judge a game without playing it. 1k+ players feels pretty alive.


This engine cannot handle 2k online. Reason why is because they just changed conception of survival game and decided to run fake MMO with engine not ready for MMO standards.
Genre of game has changed, engine remained the same - lmao, guess what would went wrong.

I was playing game since first betas till december, don’t tell me playing at server with 200-400 online is not dead, good luck with events, PvP’s.

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I mean, have you played after your break? And I was talking about 1k+ players, not 200. But the server structure is a problem, that is very hard to solve. You can’t make a mega server with several phases or something because of the territories.
Ashes will face a similar problem in 4 years after it’s release. Mega hype and then many will quit when they see its pretty hardcore and not solo friendly.



You did not read my post carefully.

AGS might be waiting until after the July patch to see if people come back. They do need to merge server as soon as possible to retain current and returning players. If they do not merge servers soon then I think they have other intentions for new world that have not been disclosed.


I would imagine they’d panel that and look at their options because not everyone actually wants the super crowded high pop experience and they probably have some awareness of that.

Don’t you have 2 free transfer tokens like I do?


Yeah, just took a look at got 1 free transfer, already transferring to Dry Tree which has 1700 online and is the most populated server in EU.

Oh nice. Hope you enjoy that server.

Damn I hate being right. Said right at the beginning of beta that if they didnt go back to their roots and continue to try and please every one, the game will die. They have no direction nor vision. Game doesnt know what it wants to be.

As a result, it will go the way of Rift. A good game that didnt do anything exceptionally. Nobody thought Rift was bad. It was good at everythinf, but great at nothing. And so it died.

Such is the case in New World. Excelling in nothing and mediocre in everything.


I think New World’s pvp is pretty good.


This expertise grind has killed it for me. I just enjoy pvp and I’ve put 330 hours into the game and I’m not even half way to 600. They straight ripped the power system from destiny and instead of 10 points per piece of gear it’s 125 damn points and you are limited daily on how much you can do. I just want to run opr and I die near instantly. Same thing in arena, just die because my gear is crap and so is my power level I mean “expertise”.

All the pvp activities pay terribly I’m never going to be able to afford any gear when I finally do get my expertise to 600 with at max 360 gold per opr, forget arena and lol at me ever getting into wars. You should be able to level your expertise playing whatever the hell you want. Every RPG shits on their pvp community with junk rewards and artifical grinds that keep you from ever catching up without running their garbage PVE stagger fest with boring damage sponge NPC’s. I can make max a few thousand gold a day playing pvp and hardly any expertise at all. I think I really am done this time. There’s nothing here for a returning player. Just a looooong grind with no end in sight if you play the way you want.

Depends, there was a time where PvP was terrible for few months, full of brainlets with great axes and hammer spammers.

I remember running elite chests spots with party, from spot to spot every evening, gosh, that was the most boring “grind” ever but most profitable. Not anything has changed in this direction?

Most profitable thing to do is running dungeons to farm expertise now. Also elite chests are being run daily(many times per day) by massive zergs of people and usually promoted in global chat, so anyone can join those.