Really sad view after 6 months of break. There is nothing to return to

Well do u need a hug or just attention?

I dont get it if after 6 months u checked the game and didnt like it, why had to be so toxic? Ppl who still play it like it or accept it as it is.

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I can’t tell you the last time I ran chests. Been probably 4 months at least. I’m 625 in everything and not from running chests.

Sounds like this just isn’t the game for you. It’s not for everyone that’s apparent. Good luck finding a game that gives you everything you want. Maybe final fantasy or BDO. I hear a lot of people in this forum talk how great the progression is in those games. Go check out their forums.

I don’t know where you got that I want a game with everything? I came over from WoW and all I want is progression for doing pvp activities, I don’t think that’s a big ask at all. Chest zergs and janky ass PVE isn’t for me and that doesn’t mean that I have high standards dude. I put over 300 hours into the game, that means that I want to like it but the devs are totally tone deaf. Just look at the pvp track, it’s complete garbage with no usable gear. Opr pays out in pennies and there’s no incentive still for open world pvp. Sorry us pvp players are so high maintenance. Back to WoW I guess :frowning:

Yep back to wow I guess. Enjoy

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Just lots of monotony if you want to level up after 60 and it’s a shame because this game could be so great for returning players but there’s nothing here to return to. Just more time gating and bad rewards. If you’re like me and sort of one dimensional when it comes to what you want to do it’s definitely not the right game, I agree with the other guy in the thread there.

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Don’t look at US West :laughing:

US East is falling right behind US West. My guess is EU will be the last functional data center.

I been back for 14 days and had to grind 8 hours just to get kina up to they level …and the game is still borken AF it lags things don’t work if u have 200 con u can get stun locked to death … there is no really skilled pvp in game … wow have better pvp and will i go back to wow i will at the dec 31
like a lot of others most steamers who is hardcore pvp al rdy left they saw what sh0t show this is …
I am only here to see what the next patch comes up with and they I uninstall again… and the people who are toxic and say leave then … Then i laugh at them for the sit for hours trying to get in a OPR for 2 hours or longer

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Lol have fun sitting alone having no one to play with actling like dick

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I loved Rift. I cant believe the change in direction and death of that game. So many good things about it.

Yep and PvP claim something in outworld that be PvP involved with risk vs reward rule that have impact in to the economy and in to the world since start. And we had 300 gs for OPR and pvp reward track with soulbound perks. So yeah if u like PvP u are out of the game. In the other hand you had in each patch new expeditions with BiS gear breaking economy and letting craft till the floor. PvP an PvE co existence hehehe

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