Really tired of this

So I lost my orb two times one to a bug and this second one to the brief restart that made me loose the orb and I would like to get my orb and compensated back as you can see the screen shot we had enough points to get at least silver in the run.

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Seconded! Why bother posting for maintenance, if you arent going to follow the schedule. The maint was listed at 11:04pm MT (1:04am ET) and instead mid last boss, the servers went down 27 minutes early costing us the orb and shards.

Is AGS going to do something about this because it keeps happening? This is outrageous.

any CMs that can direct this player to an answer or response? @Luxendra

Note that I am also in this group above, on Olympus in US East… per the above screenshot

BUMP — this keeps happening where AGS imposes downtime that impacts players, not at the time announced. As a software engineer, this is egregious that maintenance would start 27 minutes early after being announced as a planned activity.

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