Reasons for character creation deactivation


“We will provide additional information when it becomes available.”

What is the approximate wait time until you are informed and can inform us?


This is part of AGS new transparency.
They tell you they will tell you (and still say nothing) instead of just saying nothing.


the update you want can be found in the #official-news topic:

They are buffing fire staff. :partying_face:

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If I’m being generous I can fathom they are trying to address bots but did not want to tip off botmakers/goldsellers beforehand.

OTOH, who the fuck knows with this game.


I highly doubt it.

Well they told you that they told you the time.

Don’t believe me, click through the posts linked in that announcement and enjoy your internet loop.


they realized that they screwed up and want to slowly let the game die. Unfortunately, new players join the servers every day, 99% of which are bots, and the project is slowed down. So they cut off new world from the outside world and take care of the remaining bots and the few players

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Yes they want the game to die, which is why they are working on this massive January patch for everyone. Makes sense and ur argument stands true, well done.

This is not an update. This is notifying people that the patch is happening. Why was this disabled? What are they not telling us?


it’s probably a database update. put the tinfoil hat away. :woozy_face:

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It’s to curb hitting, gold seller advertising, and RMTs.

It’s not supernatural… try using a fucking brain cell before creating another pointless thread.

You could have figured this shit out on your own instead of harassing forum mods because you’re brainless and lazy

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Just another example of AGS not caring about their players at all, tell us they’ll give us more info when they have it, then go ahead and completely ignore us even after the issue has been fixed.
I’m done with this incompetent team that are bereft of any decent design ideas. Game is trash and not looking like it’s going to get any better any time soon.

It’s only been a few short hours. They are not on your schedule. I’m glad that I don’t deliver pizzas to your house.

Too much people were complaining that the chars are too ugly…

Who want a char looking like this :


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It’s funny you call us brainless and lazy. Never seen a patch note about a patch they did… Weird. That sounds kinda lazy to me. Look at every other major game. When they have updates they post about it and then do the update… Maybe you should be the one using your head?

Just chill. The downtime is over. :v:

Yeah, what a massive update we are getting… Increasing some numbers on gear and dungeons, modifying some damage types… all while the bugs/bots/balance… the 3 core elements of the game that are broken and the stuff that would take some actual resources to address, gets put off for another month while the population continues to decline and the forums go from dumpster fire to raging inferno. VERY REASSURING

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You don’t need patch notes in order to THINK.

Do you need patch notes in order to take a piss?

Fuck sakes, you people…

I’m hoping it was to clear out the harvester bots and temporarily disable character creation to prevent the operators from creating new bot characters until a patch is installed to IP and/or CPU-ID ban them.