Reasons to keep playing New World


I’m a bow/spear user and I feel so frustrated logging everyday with almost nothing to do

I never got invited in a single war, and I signed for every war every day, my guild only uses meta builds

In pve as a light armor user when I die 2 times on expeditions bosses I get no loot, and it happens so often that It’s pointless to do expeditions at all

today I spent all day farming watermarks ignoring the fact that I think it’s a complete waste of time, just buy a good item at AH no need for everyone to farm em, and I got no loot from 90% of bosses kills cause on my server there are like 50 ppl farming em all day

the only thing I feel a bit funny is outpost but as a light armor bow user the only thing to do is to stay 100m away from the battle and fire arrows in the stack of people with no chance at all to distinguish friends from enemies and hoping for some lucky 2k headshot on a heavy armor player at low health (almost 400dex build)… I did a ton of outposts and my average direct kills is 5 for every outpost… If I try to do something with the spear I get 2 shotted in a sec, If I try to kill single guys they just zigzazg run and its quite impossibile to kill with a predict falling point-hitboxed arrow.

Gathering and crafting is so time consuming that I prefer give matz to a crafter in my guild and let him craft an item for me, really nosense that everyone is raising crafting skills.

So, is there anything to do apart use GA/Life Staff?


The wars/invasions is a joke

There are no reasons.


As a player with 600 hours, i quit now until they rollback or fix the bugs. Its ridicolous and impossible to play. We lost war to hatchetfest and its done for me.

Since i dont know wheater there will come a roll back or not, i dont like to invest 15h a day.
I love this game, but my whole guild is stopping to play now.

i hear from hatchet bug => dupe bug => reaction from amazon vs dupe bug => new dupe bugs => stops trading => still dupe bug in ure own storage.

Idk whats the solution, but i hope there will come something. The basic of this game i do love, but with this bugs i lost the motivation to play.

I think developers are low numbered or low skilled, what is happening is quite ridicolous

That is definitely not true. To build anything like this game requires a lot of expertise and not everyone can do it. The problem is most likely that they are good developers with no experience in building these specific types of systems. I don’t think non-programmers will even understand what large software entails, let alone one that has to work across network on a real-time basis. Their testing practices might be limping in places but I can’t recall one multiplayer game that didn’t have any bugs. They’re all huge and they’re all complex projects. I’m sure ESO had problems, Diablo did and I know both The Division games had massive problems - it’s just bound to happen.

What’s funny though is seeing people react as if their livelihoods depended on playing this game. As if the trading posts allowed them to feed families in real life (most players are probably not old enough to have kids anyway but still). To each their own obviously but I’ve been silently enjoying this game on my own without any friends, any PvP, any companies. Yes it’s bugged but it is no reason to spend most of my time fuming about something like that or coming to these forums to personally abuse people working on the game.

Unlike most I appreciate the communication we’ve had from the developers. Whether people believe them or not is irrelevant. At this point the pitchfork crowd have already made up their minds about AGS being stupid, incompetent and ignorant but I can see that people are genuinely trying to fix this game and I know that with time things will work. Patience is a virtue and it seems like kids nowadays have none of it, which is why we’re seeing so many rants here but that’s part of the fun, spilling your bile online, isn’t it?

(comment not aimed at you personally, just my general observations)


I was going to give some honest advice on this point, but then you had to go and call the developers low skilled so I’m just gonna point and laugh at the irony instead.

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Right but this point could have sense if we had paid for “The New World project”, but I paid for a complete game, what do you think if you buy a car that stops every 2Km, that have a lot of things not working and so on? that the car makers are low skilled, I’m sure it’s not for New World, but they seems so…

I like to point out to the OP…a DEV has already mentioned that buying crafted / Higher score gear on the AH doesn’t effect your watermark.

You might want to head over the section of the forums where the DEV has an entire post about this.

I know how to not die but It’s a lot lot lot harder than using heavy armor with the insane mitigation and all the melee aoe healings placed by the healer, as a solo bow user I never get those heals.

for the low skilled devs look the reply above

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go play a good soulslike or something, you’ll forget this game exists, I just come back to the forums because I’m bored at work, and NW is more entertaining than the wow dumpster fire earlier this year lol.

I know but my point is not this, if I need a good Bow:

  1. Farm watermarks for weeks and then keep farming for months hoping for a 1/10000000000 drop 600gs bow with the correct stats, perks
  2. Buy it/craft it

I know that WMs are not raised by crafted items but you can equip a 600gs crafted/bought item and ignore WMs

There are none

You play on average 17 hours a day? holy moly dude that aint healthy

I feel this. The no loot is ridiculous. You killed all the trash and previous bosses but died on the last boss, the rez was ill timed causing the second death and the whole run was wasted as was the orb because no boss loot. Don’t get me started because I try not to be critical of the game.

Well that’s a nice thing honestly. You aren’t forced to do watermarks, you can up your tradeskills and craft 600GS or buy on AH. No one is forced to do elite/dungeon runs to get the highest GS.

I can assure you the developers writing the game code did not have input on the decision to go live. They may have raised concerns and red flags but ultimately it is not their decision to make. I see them as victims to the current situation just as much as we are honestly. Now they are probably working long nights to address these issues ASAP and are under a ton of stress to keep the game running.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand being upset about the state of affairs here but blaming and attacking the developers is ignorant and not at all constructive. Point your finger at AGS the organization if you want to be critical. The people writing code are not in charge.

Thing is this isn’t just a game that is unfinished, it’s a game that is technically flawed at a core level and no amount of development time would have fixed that.

I think they are low numbered rather then low skilled

no usually 3 or 4 hours