Recipes and Schematics

It would be helpful to see the recipes and schematics you already know. I have been manually looking up each before I read them. This is not an efficient process. Can you add a line in description that says “Known or Unknown”.

Thank you for all your help.


Totally agree useful suggestion

Please? Recipes are a pain, but schematics are just insane. Normal scenario. “Maple Bed 01”. Hmm, I have a bunkbed… wonder if this is that or the full bed I want? (Bunk bed. 02 is the full bed) Or, Basic stool. Cool, I don’t have a basic stool, but wait, I do have an old log stool. Please, for that reason alone, please give us some warning before salvaging a recipe or schematic, please?

bump 100 % needed… i would go as far as a In-game menu with a list of missing recipes also

This is pretty useful since we can’t do it in game. Also worth checking this before salvaging to make sure that the it you’re salvaging doesn’t have any warnings. A lot of people are salvaging schematics and not getting them.

Thank you!!

Also thank you to you. I’ll be using this. Between cooking and furnishing, I’ve got a lot of entries. :smiley:

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I’ve got like 50 furniture schematics in my bank…. Not gonna attempt to learn them until this is fixed.

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