Recommendation to AG to deal with the bot problem

Anyone can weigh in on this and tell me if you think it’s viable or not:
Solution to bots: RNG resource spawn locations.
PvP players shouldn’t be affected by this, PvE players can explore the world to their heart’s content and become valuable to their companies as resource providers.
Then to accommodate the increased time to gather said resources, lower the resources needed for item crafting.
Anyone else think this would work?

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I hate to say it, but for myself I am completely black pilled regarding this development team. They dont care, this clearly the case as evidence of them doing little to nothing.

Same with PVP. The lack of balance is unbelievably insane. The amount of cheats taking place far exceeds what most people are even aware of and mentioning either bots or cheaters is not met with community support with commentary such as “ya, lets fix this game for a fair and balanced playfield for all!”, but instead “git gud bra”, “bots are not a problem bra”, “cheaters dont exist you nub”, “prove cheats happen nub, lol…” etc etc.

Look man. I have played other games where bots and cheaters took over and those games today, might have 5k people logging in daily. Both destroy games.

But AGS does not care. If they did, they’d start banning cheaters, they’d start banning bots. They’d do something to let the community know they care, words mean nothing and actions mean everything.

i agree on this, but would recommend a gathering set, combined by all other sets.

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