[Recruiting] - EU-Crassus (Marauders) - Vanishing Legacy

Host Name: Bly Baine

Server/World: EU - CRASSUS

Event Name: Recruiting more members for in game group events (PvE and/or PvP)

Time and Date: Every day usually from 18 - 24 GMT

Event Description: Vanishing Legacy Gaming Community

We don’t have a large number of rules or guidelines:
Our members are 21 years of age, or older
We try to be excellent to each other
Real life is more important than in-game
Nobody’s expected to do anything but have a good time

We describe ourselves as “a Mature Gamers Guild“ as one of our main rules is our age limit for new members. However, our most important rule is that Real Life comes first, as we are here to enjoy our time in game and we understand that there are other more pressing things such as families and/or work.

We consider ourselves a casual guild and above all would like to keep a friendly, family like atmosphere within the guild. However, casual does not mean disorganized, as when it comes to guild group activities we always strive to be highly organized and disciplined, but will still try to enjoy our gaming and not have it become a second job.

We prefer and highly encourage guild group play, but we understand that our members cannot take part in every group event. We expect from our Members to show respect to others, as well as, to act as mature persons. By mature we mean relaxed and laid back, yet serious and willing to help others when required.

We encourage and expect from our members to use both guild voice comms and guild Discord as much as possible. We strive to be drama free, but from our experience we know that unfortunately sometimes drama is unavoidable. However, when it does we will find a solution.

So if you are looking for a small, relaxed community of veteran players, no need to look any further!

Social Media Links (if any): You can join our Discord: Vanishing Legacy
or you can contact Baine#1119 or just send me forum PM for more info.

We’re still looking for more