Recruiting for pvp company on tupia

Dear adventurerer,

we are currently building a new PvP company on Tupia. Right now we are 15-20 members who are looking for wars. Since there is a large and good pvp company in the green faction we will make a purpel company simply due to the fact that purpel is the weaker faction right now and we want to balance the server.

Once we created the new purpel company 10-15 more players that already are on Tupia will join us. So we will end up on about 30ish pvp ready people.

We rather quickly will aim for monarchs bluff as a starter city and will try to generate some money for future wars and have some income for company crafting sessions, to bump up our company’s and your gear.

Once we have enough money and gear we will aim for main city’s like EF, WW, BW and BS of course.

So what can we offer you?

  • we are a international company on a growing server
  • we are helping with your gear and builds
  • motivated and experienced leadership that (combined over all servers and Company’s we took part in so far) possesed almost every city at one time.
  • we are using raidhelper bot to keep track of any events (wars, pushes, portal runs, dungeons etc.)
  • chest runs/wars/boss farms/portal runs/crafting sessions on a regular basis

What do you need?

  • willing to pvp
  • not being mad when we loose our first couple wars
    That’s it. Nothing more. You won’t have to be GS625 full bis and already have a shit tone of war expertise. We wanna build up the company and grow together.

If you are interested to come to Tupia and join us, feel free to dm me on Discord: AGENT#6534. Feel free to ask me anything, from market price to whatever you feel like.

See you on Tupia future brothers and sisters in arms :wink:


Tupia is PvP very Boring! There are hardly any good PvP comps. Mainly weak players are camouflaged. The young PvP players are demotivated, the demand is close to zero. PvP then not Tupia! Only failed PvP players from other servers gather here to boost their ego on weaker ones.

I mean YESSS but WHY in the fuck would you text that in here. OBV. no 625 full bis will transfer over to tupia from their company owing EF on Barri Nysa Tartarus or any other big server. Tupia IS a small server for PVP interested players that just dont have the gear to compete with the BIG names in NWs PVP servers…

Because enough pros have come from Tartarus and other servers to destroy PvP on Tupia and every new PvP Comp. to burn! And above all to make life hell for the newbies! Have fun looking for members, but I recommend everyone not to go into a PvP comp on Tupia. Because you’re just cannon fodder!

Thats not true. Many players have moved to Tupia because they also like to farm ressources. Farming was no longer possible on Tartarus and Aaru. Here on Tupia, farming is fun again.

If I want to knock out the weaker PvP players, I ll start on the fresh-start servers and not on a low-mid pop server.

wasn’t related to you either, it’s about certain comps from Tartarus that help beginner comps to take the cities. It is already evident that PvP can also damage a server. I’m only here for PvE, I’m no longer involved in this PvP kindergarten.

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