[Recruiting] Great Release (Ja'Loja) [US EAST Seer, ENGLISH, PvE, 18+, Syndicate] Fresh Start

Company Name: Great Release
Faction: Syndicate
Server: Seer (US East)
Language: English
Focus: PvE

Great Release is a small group of gamers that have been playing together for many years. We recently came back to New World after the expansion and are looking for more casual PvE focused players to join us.

We have played a vast number of games such as Eve, Final Fantasy XIV, World of Warcraft, Lost Ark and a list as long as my arm.

We are looking for other gamers that enjoy the adventure of questing, harvesting and crafting as well as dungeon crawls.

Who are we

  • We are smaller (aiming for 30ish)
  • We are PvE centric
  • We seek to enjoy group related activities as well as Crafting and Harvesting
  • We might enjoy some market PvP
  • IRL always matters

What We Are Not

  • We are not intending to be a large faceless company
  • We are never likely to control territory or take part in wars although our members are free to enjoy PvP if they like
  • You can randomly disappear for a month or more and still have a home when you get back


  • Age 18+ is preferred since we are generally older gamers
  • Discord is encouraged but not required
  • Based in North America (mainly central)


Weekdays: Varies but generally evenings
Weekends: Off and on all day

Contact us in game if you are interested:

  • Ezema
  • Eruluthien
  • Argentize