[Recruiting] Syndicate PVP PAX on Eden

PAX, a Syndicate company on Eden (US East) is recruiting top tier PVP players interested in competitive and coordinated playstyle for wars, world PVP and OPR. Communication via voice chat is a must. (mainly discord, but be willing to use other clients as well)

*** Especially looking for great axe/hammer and mages. ***

Will welcome PVErs and more crafters, but you will be expected to respond to PVP objectives (bar pushes and be willing to flag up)
18 + and active members only

PAX has:

  • Fun times in comms together (will require times that we get serious in voice chat)
  • Spanish speaking members (be able to understand commands in English)
  • Dedicated company crafters (provide your own materials).
  • Class captains and discussions
  • Events like box runs and world PVP
  • An atmosphere of respect (no discrimination)

If interested, please fill out an application: Guilded - Chat for Gaming Communities

Come have fun with us! PAX Funny Moments - YouTube


Do you guys have a dark stag club though? QB and Excalibur send our regards to your fallen comrades. :smiley:

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Oh, hello. Funny seeing you here. No dark stag anymore :frowning: How are you guys liking new world?

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Forthwinds? Not a name I recognize. I’m assuming you’re from QB. No clue who Excalibur is. Must’ve been after most of us got bored running the map. Is Excalibur the new name of knights of paravant or whatever?

Where do I submit my resume need a PVP focused company. I have vods.

RIP the stags, may mounts rise again in New World. We’re enjoying not having streak bug I can say that. :smiley:

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^ Bump. We are still actively recruiting.

Pax is a serious company with great leadership. If you want a stable group to play with long-term, this is the company for you.

^ Bump. Still Recruiting.

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