[Recruiting] US East Fresh Start

Company | To Be Announced (After Securing)
Logo | https://i.imgur.com/oJVmP4F.png
Server | U.S. East
World | To Be Determined (Fresh Start)
Faction | Marauder
Launch Roster Size | 15-20
Focus | PvX (Especially PvE’s who are PvP curious but haven’t had a chance to do it because of more elitist war policies on their servers)
Requirements | Discord & Maturity, we’re an adult company, age aside, if you act like a child that’s not gonna work for us

Additional Information | Despite coming into NW with just a couple irl friends and peaking at 15-20 active members, we controlled First Light, Monarch’s Bluffs, & Weaver’s Fen (the latter two at the same time). We were able to gain and hold these territories due to our strong diplomacy and alliances we had with other companies in our faction, as well as sound strategies that helped shape the war meta on our server for that time, we never once paid anyone to help us.

With the changes to war rostering, we can’t really be a small company that uses diplomacy and strategy to work our way to the top anymore, so we’re looking to recruit active members to join us for a fresh start where we hope to build up a larger company and community so we can compete for territories. For the most part, we’re just a chill company, our only real requirement is that you join the discord, it’s our job to incentivize beyond that. We may incorporate strategies in war that require certain setups, but you won’t be forced into any role you don’t want to play, and outside of war (such as in OPR or Arena matches) we encourage fun gameplay and off-meta experimentation.

We want long-term players who have some patience as we build up a competent roster, we value meritocracy and member input, and we welcome all player types even if you’re just supporting as a casual PvE player, if that sounds like you then DM me on discord for an invite and any questions you have, thank you! Discord - Cryo#5341

We’ll know our server selection strategy by the end of day