[Recruitment-Company] Insidious Ghosts Ltd -Delos-AP Southest

Host Name: Antonsghost

Server/World: AP Southeast, Delos, The Syndicate (Purple)

Company Recruiting


Insidious Ghosts Ltd is Looking for players to join our growing & active company.
I am growing the company back up after taking time off due to complications from chemo and stopping my gaming & stream.
Looking for fun, active & cruisy players who enjoy a laugh. Insidious Ghosts Ltd is PvE with some PvP.
We have a Discord with a New World bot running for news & updates. The Discord is a great place to plan, group up and simply share your gameplay and ideas.
We are looking for players who like to play solo, as well as players wanting to group up and grind the game on many levels.
New players are welcome and we will offer support and help, which includes returning players. Vets are welcome also.
Become a ghost in the shadows of the Syndicate. Members of the Syndicate use their boundless guile and intellect in pursuit of forbidden knowledge.
We plan events and farms together making life inside the game much more exciting.
Become an Insidious Ghost Ltd member.

My Discord Id - Antonsghost#4059