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So how did we end up here?

Players like you! Thats how.

Unhinged is Family, Unhinged is BiS.

Join the Revolution, Experience the game inside the game. Be Unhinged, we’ll keep the lights on for ya!


Rosie LeBoop
Arcadia Morellis


@Rosie_LeBoop @Blackxp @IDarkStar @ThexCatmanx

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You know, I was chasing the meta for years. At first it was the GA/WH meta. I recall my younger years wearing full voidbent and thinking I was invincible. I felt so alive. You feel it wash over you, a great warmth of excitement followed by that that devastating crash. You eventually remember that rush as a distant memory that you are never able to fully remember. Over time you only feel something when you are grav well’ing 12 people. Then that goes away. You find yourself in an alley in Restless Shores sheltering under the great Tim? asking for something, hell anything, to fill that void.

Then there it appears. It comes out of nowhere, springing into existence like The Spark itself. The Bow. The era of BowPR rises and you feel it again. Never the same intensity but, by The Spark, it’s something! You find yourself stat padding to the top of the charts. You lose each round because no one actually went into the fort to take the point, but who cares? YOU ARE #1 AND THEY CAN’T TAKE THAT FROM YOU. Times are great again, but you find yourself playing more and more OPR just to get that same effect. Eventually you can’t physically fit in enough games to satiate the urge. It fades. You feel lost again.

It’s then that you see it again. You are sitting in the dentist office in Everfall and your eyes meet the Vogue and Time magazines sitting on the tree stump side table. You see the daily news article. Who once rejected the meta has become the meta!

That glimmer in the back of your eyes shines again as you recall that distant but İ̶̞̩̜̤̮̭͖͖̥͌̽̀̓̈͝n̸̲͕̹͖͗̃̓s̶͖̰̕í̶͎̳̎͠d̷̩̥̻̪̥̹̱͇̰͔̰̎̓̓̅͑̓̀͐͛̋ị̸̄͛̎̈́̂̄̓̈́ͅo̶̙͒̑̐̐͛̕͠ư̴̢̨͉̩͙̖̍͊̅̆̓͗͑̕̚ͅs̵̛̗̻̗̯̀̋̒ ̶̹̱͓̝͒͒̿͠m̷̞̖̪̓è̴͙̍̈m̶̛̜͉͖̺̟̹͓̦͂̈̊͋̈́̃ö̵̠͚̬̲̘̋̍͋̿͝r̵͓̖̬͙͈̖̰̟̈́̿̋͊͜͠y̴͍͚̰̜͍͒̔ ̵̧̖̩̬̰͚̣̮̱̈̍̃̎̾̒͘͠…

I have officially joined Unhinged. Just need to move over to purple when that becomes available haha. Love you all!


Is there anyone there who is a west coaster? If so, you have a general idea of the ping?


I have one west coaster, they said their ping is in the 90’s, im south central at around 80ish. Could make a temporary on orofena and see :o


I am goonna message my brother. I may make the jump. I am sub 20 ms ping in a starting zone. Wandering into windsward

Ok. In Windsward and when standing I am still sub 20ms ping. running bumps it up to 20-21ms.

Ok yeah that seals it. I have about 200k ironwood in sell orders up. Once those clear I thhink I am making the jump.



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If you do, make sure you are purple before you jump. It’s dominant on orofena :x

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fo sho. The reeal question is why am I like 20 ping on the west coast lol. Its like, the same as my west server.


Also it may take a minute to clear 27 sell orders so it wont be like todat or tomorrow loll


I’m presuming that you are within a few miles of an AWS hub XD

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Honestly, their servers may be hosted in AZ or CA. League hosts their servers in the mid-west and I get like 60 ping.


It’s that or @ThexCatmanx had ascended above the need for regional severs!


Unhinged: You do you but be kind too.

Not to be mistaken for an anti-meta environment, we praise the thought of ultimate personal gameplay that suits you and entertains your preferred styles. If you enjoy playing the meta, you are still more than welcome to join our humble abode. We want every individual joining us to feel they fit in and have a place in our growing new world family. Our only ask is you refrain from pressuring your peers to essentially “get good” by hopping on the meta train. We are a “you do you boo” kinda crew, and we do have members looking for advice to better develop their builds. Help those asking for help, and give advice where advice is due. Just remember to bring your best attitude :two_hearts:

P.S. we’re still definitely the meta.


You guys better buckle up, @Rosie_LeBoop is cooking up something that is going to blow the socks off of all Aeternum!


I am literally possibly too excited for @Rosie_LeBoop . I literally cannot wait.


Reason #326 to join Unhinged.

Naked dungeon runs!

How do they work you ask? Simple!

You start in amrine, completely naked with nothing on your person! And you try like heck to make it to the first chest, and can only use drops that you find in the dungeon. So be careful and make sure you share what you find with everyone!

Once you make it through, share that phat loot because now you are off to starstone! Rinse and repeat, the object is to get through to dynasty!

Multiple groups gather up and run, and the victor is the one who clears dynasty first! And anything can happen between those dungeons, bad drops included xD

Next events on the list, Blind Tank! Your tank is blindfolded, and the group has to give directions!

Hammerball! Dueling set up with the enhanced hammer knockback, people are set up as goalposts <3 points for accuracy, and distance traveled.

And many more events to come! Check us out :revolving_hearts:

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Omg I’m so excited to be a blind tank. I need to schedule this event IMMEDIATELY!