[Recruitment] G0oN SQUAD PVE company US-West El Dorado

Host Name: Blackmaba

Server/World: US-West El Dorado

Event Name: G0oN SQUAD (Syndicate)

Active Hours (Server Time): 8AM - 11AM, 6PM - 11PM

Event Description: G0oN SQUAD is a PVE focused company looking for more active players to join us. Most of us have been playing the game since release. We love to run mutations and always look for ways to improve to set a new record (M10 Laz 16:17 this week). When we have enough people on, we’d run 2, sometimes 3, teams together in a M10 to compete for best time and the winning team gets rewarded with some cash and/or bragging rights. We also have players that are multi-millionaires (self-made) so we know a thing or two about the economy. No, we’re not shard sellers (never have been and don’t need to). We welcome all player types / skills / levels. Please join our Discord and contact team members for invite or questions.

Social Media Links: Discord: MAmq8w3SZE Blackmaba#5925 Heart Lucy#3489 armandos02#4607 Rax#2674 Aerius#4460

Week 2 Leaderboard

Week 3