[Recruitment] Hygeia Dojo (Marauder, US EAST, Olympus)

Hey guys!

My company, Hygeia Dojo, is recruiting. We’re a friendly group of players and do both PVE and PVP. Currently we have about 50 members and are trying to get ready for war, but welcome casual players too. We’re basically a big group of friends who found each other on this game and have a fun time playing the game in discord voice chat. We stand up to bullies and our primary export is memes. We plan activities to keep things fun for our players, and have friends throughout the faction.

We are friendly and inclusive to the following groups of people, but really we’re welcoming to anyone who is good-hearted:

  • LGBT
  • Disabilities
  • Canadians
  • E-Girls
  • People who value fun over meta

Feel free to drop by our discord and scout things out. It never hurts to make friends!

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Bump! We’re looking to fill out our war roster too! IF you’re interested in being able to run high lvl mutations, OPR groups and slotting for wars, Hygeia Dojo is your company! Come join us!