[Recruitment] INVETERATE [US EAST - AMARAH - ENGLISH – PvX – 18+] Recruiting Active, New & Vet Players

Host Name: Moy

Server/World: US East - Amarah

Event Name: Recruiting more members for in game group events PvX

Time and Date: Daily from 8pm est until about midnight

Event Description: Inveterate Guild Recruitment

Inveterate is a newly formed company on the fresh start server Amarah. We have a solid start with 21 like-minded friends & brothers from another mother… mostly veteran MMO players from many different games & backgrounds. We have ages ranging from mid-20’s up through the 60’s, with the average age somewhere around “30-something with toddlers”. We are a group of grounded, yet fun individuals who do our adulting & then get down to business. We understand real life constraints & responsibilities, so while we desire to maintain a very active player base, we don’t have any crazy attendance requirements.
…And we’re looking for similar people, from beginner to vets, who want a relaxed, fun, friendly environment that is drama free & focused on group activities of all kinds. People that want to foster that environment & be an active part of its growth.

Here are some of the things we do now & things we are planning in the very near future:
• Expeditions (both normal & mutations)
• World Trains (chest & boss farming)
• Weekly Raffles with prizes
• Hide-n-seek & other spooky cavorting!
• Low level expedition races
• Helping members with leveling (quests & expeditions)
• Trivia nights
• Company Duels / Last Man Standing
• Corruption Farming
• OPR Night

We are very much looking forward to the raid content that AGS has promised, and while we are all beyond score pushing days, we enjoy playing our part at being soft-core competitive. We make great attempts at maintaining skill without having an elitist attitude or expectations.

In the meantime, we are pushing expeditions, helping people level & gear & generally anything else that falls under the shenanigans umbrella. We are mostly EST and play in the evenings, but several members are on throughout the day.

If you’re interested & want to know more about us, hit us up on discord @ Moy#5007 or FryzzleB#7227 or Xentin#5387.

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What faction is your guild and do you plan on pushing mutation leader boards?