[Recruitment] The Wraithburg Lost Syndicate Company - Cleopatra

The Wraithburg Lost

Server/World: Cleopatra (Fresh Start)

The Wraithburg Lost is a newly founded company looking for casual players (both levelling and 60) to do PvE/PvP activities with. I started this company with a friend to have our own little space in the world. We created a roadmap on our discord where we lay out our plans for this year which include social events, expedition farms for players, mutated progression and a big aim to have players ready for the Sandworm fight in the summer.

My friend is a big RP fan and he took some time to write an RP-story for the company and we’ll try and incorporate that into our events.

If this sounds interesting to you, please send me a message in-game (Aromandir) or through Discord: Feldriar#5711