[Recruitment] TKx is recruiting ambitious gamers for our War Roster! US East - Castle of Steel - Syndicate

TKx is a close-knit, long-standing guild that formed nearly 10 years ago, in Guild Wars 2, with the determination to push our limits in outnumbered, large-scale PvP fights and other group combat challenges. We are looking for ambitious gamers who are driven to excel as team players, dedicated to performing their class/role at the highest skill ceiling possible, and want to be part of a cohesive team. We have recently moved into New World as a guild and will be pursuing it as our main game.

Current Server/Faction:
Castle of Steel/Syndicate

Active Playtimes:
Everyday, 8pm - Midnight EST, later on weekends.
Siege Window: 11pm EST.

Endgame Focus:
PvP - OPR, open world, arena, and working on our war roster.
PvE - Expeditions/mutations, world bosses, chest runs, etc.

New and returning players, even under the level cap, are welcome to join! We are happy to help!

What do we offer you?

  • A tight-knit community that is excited to include new members
  • Experienced leadership
  • An environment focused on continuous improvement
  • A place where real life comes first, but player performance and ambition is expected
  • An active voice chat
  • Being surrounded by players with a team-first mindset

What do we look for in potential recruits?

  • Age 21+
  • A working microphone
  • Good communication skills
  • Bring a team-first mentality
  • Be flexible and open to character build changes
  • Be open to individual constructive criticism
  • Always be looking for ways to improve your gameplay
  • Never misrepresent TKx (vocally or by text chat)

All potential Trial members are required to complete a vocal interview over Discord before joining TKx. This is to ensure that our guild culture and expectations are clearly communicated, and fully understood, before you commit to guild membership.

How to join:
If you are interested in becoming a TKx trial member, please head over to our discord and check out the #start-here channel.