[Recruitment] US-East - Castle of Steel - Covenant

Host Name: Silver Kingdom

Server/World: Castle of Steel

Event Name: Company Recruitment

Time and Date: US Timezone base (Gov. Central Time Based)

Event Description: Silver Kingdom is a new company in the Castle of Steel world looking to add members. Looking for like minded people with a relaxed focus that would like to do everything the game has to offer, but not worried about being the best there ever was. Would rather add people slowly wanting to play rather than just instant adding people just to max out company members.

Looking for those members who truly do enjoy playing, and helping others along the way. The type of people that see a new person and are willing to stop to help explain something…the type of people that see someone calling for help for an expedition that will jump on the group finder to help them get it done. That type of person who might be personally frustrated with dying to a boss 5 times in a row but will keep going to help others get better.

If interested in something like this feel free to send me a message, comment on the post, or hit me up in-game: Matt Silversmith.

Social Media Links (if any): Silver Kingdom - New World (Discord Link)