Reduce the hp of doors and mobs!

So we decided to run Malevolence after the patch!


5 of us 1 tank 3 dps 1 healer, We couldn’t even get past 1 basic elite shaman, it took 2 minutes to damage them down… just couldn’t do it so we thought Eh, we’ll go try Scorpius.

The red veil doors took 5 mins to break down! WTF IS THAT?

Why has the health increased so much?

Sort it out please!

God help us on a murk run

( we were all level 60 btw 2 of us in voidbent )

We tried to do quests in L50 Elite zones.
5 ppl hit the damn wall for about 5-7 minutes…

L60 new Elite Elks are absolut murders btw

Tried Myrk with 20-25 ppl, all 60’s of course. Couldn’t do it. Certain enemies seem to have gotten way overbuffed.

I think I will

40 player raid, sorry

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