Reduced Chance of Legendary Gear Drops?

I’m cautious to draw a conclusion from a small sample set and perhaps i’ve missed something from previous patch changes, but have they reduced the chance of receiving 600 GS legendary items from chests / drops?

Previously I would receive ~1 piece per day or two, even with a mediocre luck set. I recently invested heavily into my luck set, adding pristine pearls to all sockets, upgrading bags to have 2.7% luck each, 560+ GS jewelry with luck + pearl, and even upgraded two luck trophies. In the ~7 days since then, I’ve not received any legendary 600 GS items.

For those with 600 watermark, has anyone noticed something similar?

This is the definition of RNG

If your gear has luck perk, the pearl will override it and you will get just the pearl luck bonus.

Yes, but it’s not beyond imagination that the drop chance has been nerfed in a recent patch, hence why i’m asking what others have experienced.

Is is confirmed ? Who confirmed that ?or this is another strange theory xd

For some reason the more luck gear I put on the less drops I got. Im thinking theres some kind of issue at higher luck. ALSO no idea why they need to hide this figure,you should see your percentage of luck just like your damage,ect…

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It is urban legend based on limited testing. Cannot access actual numbers used by game.

There is another legend that sometimes you need to reequip items or move house trophies but that seemed to affect only few people and could be rng, the pearls have bit more credibility.

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I’ve been wondering the exact same; the more luck gear I wear, the fewer “lucky” drops I seem to get. Maybe it’s just that my expectation is higher when wearing but… And yes, I find it really annoying that your total luck score, be it general, or crafting, is not shown under your attributes


Ive taken off my luck gear while resource gathering and with food buffs only I seemed to get more. So I think luck is just not working correctly. I paid alot for my gear and the return hasnt been so great luck wise.

Definitely they need a clearly visible luck stat.

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I feel the same … more luck - less luck =-))))


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